Owner Left Him Like Trash, But Stranger Picked Him Like A Treasure

Cat Couldn't Move For Days Found Laying Down And Crying For Help

Brave Pit Bull Prevents Armed Intruders From Stealing Baby From Home

Little Girl Found Carrying Her Sick Dog Around Asking For Help As A Last Resort

Vet Took 5-Legged Puppy In, Despite They Said That It Wouldn’t Live

Stray Dog Living Outside Gas Station For 3 Years Won't Allow Any One To Touch Her

Woman And Her Husband Adopt Unwanted 'Zombie' Dog Was So Near To Death

Man Finds Helpless Dog With His Tongue Frozen And Stuck In Sewer

Elderly Dog Suffers From Severe Neglect After Owner's Death, Found With 9lb Of Fur

Dying Dog Eyes Shines Again After Given Dose Of Love By His Rescuer

Terrified Small Puppy Found Frozen After Being Thrown Into Street At Rainy Night

Pup Begs A Jogger To Rescue Him, After Being Dumped In Isolated Area

Little Puppy Found Not Being Able To Open His Eyes, And Ignored By Everyone

Starving Puppy Too Weak To Walk, Crawls Himself To Rescuers

Feral Stray Looking For Food In The Garbage, Feels Love When The Right People Shows Up

Dog Suffers From Stomach Tumor and Her Womb Was Protruding

Five Puppies Found Breastfeeding Their Dead Mom

Puppies Found Cover With Blood And Injured Mother Who Couldn't Urinate For Long Time

Broken Bones Dog Dumped In A Field Like Trash, Begging For Help With Pain

Fosters Take Blind Dog, And One Day She Could See Them All For The First Time

Neglected Alaskan Husky Shows And Incredible Recovery After Being Rescued

Puppy Thrown Out With Trash, Finds And Old Shoe As Shelter To Comfort

Puppy Abandoned On A Busy Street Raises Up His Paw Begging To Be Rescued

Neglected Mama Dog Found In A Basket With One Newborn Puppy

Helpless Dog Found Tied To Pole, Reaches Out His Paw To Officer Who Come To Save Him

Dog Abandoned At Gas Station, And He Was Totally Ignored By Everyone

Tiny Puppy Was Too Weak To Lift Her Head, Desperately Tries To Show Rescuers Love

Kitten Born With Strabismus Found Suffering From Malnourished Now Lives Loving Home

Terrified Hairless Puppy Grows Up To Turn Into The Fluffiest Dog

She Gives Birth On Sidewalk, Collapses When Help Arrives While Protecting Her Puppies

Man Takes Of His Own Shirt To Save Little Possum Who Was Stuck In The Flood

Terrified Dog Shakes In Fear On Death Row At Shelter, Now Is Heading To Safe Place

Devastated Mama Dog Found Crying Out For Help For Her Injured Puppy

Stony-Skinned Pup Found Sitting Beside Gas Station, Turns Into Fluffy White Teddy Bear

Man While Hiking Finds A Dog Who Seems To Be Living In the Woods For A While

Woman Left Her Dog Inside Hot Car, And She Confronts People Who Tried To Help

Woman Saves Cracked Duck’s Egg And Carries It In Her Bra For 35 Days

Dog Guard Injured Friend After Being Hit By Car All Night Until Helping Hands Arrive

Senior Dog Abandoned After Being Used For 10 Years As An Alarm

Terrified Homeless Bulldog Saved By Two Woman And Has Been Given A New Life

Blind Dog Abandoned In A Field Lives Now In A Loving Home

Stray Dog Melts Down When A Woman Pets Her For The First Time

Exhausted Stray Dog Jumps Into Strangers Car Collapses And Falls Asleep

Dog With Only Three Paws Defeats His Situation To Live A Happy Life

Elderly Hairless Dog Found Abandoned On Dirt Road Asking For Help

Dog Tied To Anchor Around His Neck And Thrown in River, Saved By Woman

Abandoned Puppy Rescued By Marathon Runner, Who Carried Him 19 Miles To The Finish Line

17 Bears Touch Ground For The First Time After Being Rescued From Concrete Pits

Stray Dog Collapses When Realizes That Humans Finally Come To Help Her

Family Heartbroken When They Couldn't Cover Treatment's Cost For Their New Puppy

Spending Two Years Inside Cramped Cage Made His Body To Be Deformed

Man Saves A Terrified Dog And Makes Him Trust Humans Again With Love

A Passerby Sees A Pup Looks Like A Pile Of Trash. Transforms To Handsome Young Dog

Dog Rescued From Korean Dog Meat Farm Experience Taste Of Love For The First Time

They Took Home A Dying Puppy To Let Her Die In Peace, But She Healed Due To Love

Senior Dog Spent 7 Years At Shelter, Even Workers Gave Up Hop For Getting Him A Home

3 Huge Dogs Found In Mountains Refused To Be Rescued, But One Woman Gained Their Trust

Dog Trapped Alone In Burning House, But Stranger Sees And Rushes Inside

Man Ties His X-Wife's Husky Out To Waste Away For Two Years After Getting Divorced

Little Boy Uses His Allowance To Rescue Two Other Dogs After Adopting One At Shelter

Rescuers find scared, injured pup trying to hide in a bag, Shows An Amazing Transformation

German Shepherd Who Has Been Lost For 5 Weeks At Sea, Miraculously Found Alive

Man Adopts Orphaned Bear Cub After Being Found Wandering Into A Village

Kindhearted Man Sees A Dog About To Be Sold For Meat Market, And He Couldn't Walk Away

Lady finds wounded kitty tossed in a dumpster, Vet Reveals Cat Is Incredibly Rare

Tiger Rescued From The “World’s Worst Zoo” Now He Knows What Freedom Feels Like

Soaked In Her Own Urine This Dog Was Just 4 Pounds When She Was Rescued From Shelter

Family Rescues A Giant Great Pyrenees Dog While Traveling On A Freeway,

Dog Rushes To A Cop And Barks Loudly Asking Him To Rescue His Trapped Sister

Stray Dog Mom Rushes To Save Her Puppy From Rescuers, Now They Are At Foster Home

Stray Dog Refuses To Go Home, Until They Rescue His Sister too

Pregnant Dog Refuses To Look At Her Foster In The Eye, And Kept Her Puppies Inside

Family Left Dog Behind After Selling Their Home, And Tells Her She's Not Coming

Pregnant Pit Bull Found Chained To A Tree Had No Help While Giving Birth

Mother Cat Brings Her Sick Kitten To Hospital Begging For Help

Family Dumped Their Paralyzed Dog At Shelter And Took Her Wheelchair Away

Pit Bull Rushes To Terrified Kid, Ended Up Saving Him From Poisonous Snake

Pit Bull Is So Excited When Realizes That He Has Been Adopted By His Rescuer

Rescuer Comforts Traumatized Dog Saved Just An Hour Before Euthanized

Oliver Was Surprised Somebody Wanted To Touch Him. Rescuer Couldn't Keep The Tears Away

Family Dumped Their Dog At Shelter Just For Her 'Funny Look'

Starving dog dumped on streets & left to die, woman fights all odds to save him

Abandoned Dog With Broken Spirit Healed After Rescuer's Kind Touch

Terrified Abandoned Dog Found Shaking Very Hard From Fear Makes Rescuers Cry

Tiny Puppy Abandoned At Hot Parking Lot, Found Having Seizures Makes Rescuers Cry

Rescuers Save Newborn Injured Spider Monkey From Illegal Poachers

Blind Pit Bull Abandoned In The Woods, Now Loves Ice Cream And Waiting Forever Home

Man Breaks Into House To Set Free Neglected Dog. Then She Showers Him With Kisses

Woman Risks Her Own Life To Rescue A Dog Stranded In Stormy Ocean

Dog With Growing Tumor Surrendered To Be Euthanized, Has Best Life Ever Now

Badly Malnourished Husky, After 10 Months, She Makes Incredible Transform

Family Decides To Go Sight-Seeing For Two hours. Leaves Dog In 100-Degree Hot Vehicle With Diapers On

Golden Retriever Spots Drowning Bird In Pool, Then He Activates Lifeguard-Mode

Neglected Dog Found Buried Under Trash Bags With Matted Fur

Stranded Octopus Saved By Man, And It Gives Him A Thank In Return

Dog Found Hanging By Electrical Cord Near Highway Overpass And No One Cares

Man Saves A Dog Hit By Car And Then Let Him Become A Family Member

Fisherman Finds Turtle Floating On The Water With Barnacles Covering All His Body

Ugly And Dirty Dog Locked Up Her Entier Life, Wonders Who Would Ever Love Her

No More Useful For Hunt Games, Her Master Breaks Her Leg, And Dumped Her Like Trash