Group At Beach Finds Tiny Kitten Tied Up In Palm Tree Meowing For Help

Woman Finds Sick Gecko  In Park And Helps It To Complete Recovery

Professional Football Players Steps Into The Field Carrying Shelter Dogs Looking For Homes

Puppy At Shelter Tries To Comfort Her Sister With A Hug After Being Rescued

Woman Finds Abandoned Dog In A Shopping Cart And Saves Its Little Life

Man Finds Koala Trying To Cross A Busy Street, And Steps In To Help

Stray Dog Living Under A Vehicle Waited Several Weeks Until Somebody Finds Him

Dog Who Was Abandoned At Airport Got Adopted By A United Pilot

Mama Dog Has Been Force-Fed With Drugs Got Rescued With Her 10 Puppies

Albino Baby Elephant Rescued After Being Trapped In Snare For 4 Days

Woman Notices Dog Outside An Abandoned Building And Finds Out She Is Not Alone

Small Stray Dog Is Now Unrecognizable After Emergency Makeover

Small Puppies Abandoned In Cardboard Box Near Trash Can

Pregnant Dog Saved On Christmas From Freezing Cold Just Before Giving Birth

Zoo Employees Celebrate The Birth Of The Most Critically Endangered Chimpanzee

Firefighters Works Around The Clock To Save Two Horses After Falling Through Ice

Dog Who Has Been Abandoned By His Owner Outside Airport Finds Now New Loving Home

Pregnant Dog Adopted From High-Kill Shelter, Gives Birth While On Her Ride To Home

Caring Nurse Adopts Terminally Sick Dying Dog So He Doesn’t Have To Go To Shelter

Orphaned Puppy Would Prefer To Stay Homeless Rather Than Being Touched By Humans

Pet Pig Left All Alone Locked Up In Barn For 11 Years, Now Wags Her Tail For The First Time

Vet Finds Injured Dog Inside A Cage Dumped At His Clinic Doorstep With A Note

Zoo Employee Refused To Rescue A Drowning Chimp, Then Man Jumps Into Enclosure

Little Girl Melts Hearts Of Millions For Saving Terrifying Look Kitty

Ugly Unwanted Pit Bull Finally Finds His Forever Home After Long Wait

His Eyes Full Of Pain Show She Had Given Up On Life, But Rescuers Wouldn't Give Up On Her

Baby Punished For Being "Dumb" And Too Terrified To Turn Around, Feels The Ground Moves

Woman Weeps Over Lifeless Dog, Then Feels Her Paw Twitched When She Lifts Her Stiff Body

Man Skips Wedding Party To Rescue Trapped Dog Near Overflowing River

74-Year-Old Woman From Florida Fights Off Alligator To Save Her Dog 

Sick Puppy Being Abandoned In Landfill, Saved And Has Been Given Another Chance At Life

Man Cries Uncontrollably While Watching Stray Dog He Rescued Depart For Shelter Homes

Cop Comes Near By A Box On Side Of The Road And Finds 10-Week-Old Puppy Beside It

Man Sneaks Up To Save Stray Dog Whose Head Is Being Stuck In A Plastic Bottle

Stray Cat Begs Shop Owner To Allow Her To Get Inside Away From Heatwave

Dolphins Leads Rescue Crew To Lost Swimmer After Being Stranded For 12 Hours At Sea

Police Officer Saves Trapped Puppy In Septic Tank And Decided To Become His Father

Dog With Broken Noose Around Her Neck Rescued And Feels Love Touch For The First Time

Stray Puppy Who Got Stuck Under A Gate Found Screaming In Pain When Rescued

Terrified Small Dog Found Frozen On The Side Of A Busy Freeway

Fisherman Reacts Fast To Save Baby Moose After Falling Into Water

Man Steps In And Fights With A 350-lb Bear To Save His Dog's Life

Dog Desperately Found Looking For Her Lost Puppies, She Stops At Nothing To Find Them Back

Stray Dog With Head Injury Melts Hearts Of Millions When He Finds Love In The Arms A Cop

Owner Thought That His Dog Died Two Years Ago, But She Was Found Living Alone In The Mountains

Rain-Soaked Puppy Approaches Kind Man Wagging His Tail But His Trauma Is Bigger Than He Is

17-lb Starving Dog Discovers Snuggles & What A Full Tummy Feels Like

Mother Dog Seen Chasing After A Truck With Her Rescued Puppies

Starving Dog In Alleyway On Brink Of Death, Shown Taste of Love He Never Knew Before

Small Dog Causes A Big Ruckus To rescue His 180-Pound Saint Bernard Friend

Crooked-Faced Dog Adopted To Become A Dog With A Special Look!

Woman Finds Frozen Bird And Could Rescue It With A Blow Dryer

Blue-Eyed Cat Hops Onto Girl's Lap In Wheelchair And Chooses Her To Be His Family

Couple Rescues Senior Beagle Who Has Been Given Away For Free Online

Lion Who Lived In The Worst Zoo In The World Rescued And Given Food

Helpless Puppy Found Stuck In The Rain, Rescued And Got Feed

Helpless Puppy Abandoned On Active Kansas Highway Rescued Just On Time

Family Dog Finds Abandoned Kittens In A Box, And Becomes Their Foster Dad

Lost Wild Baby Elephant Being Chased By Lions Returned Back To His Mother

Man Finds Two Frozen Puppies Inside A Box And Didn't Think Twice To Save Them

Two Puppies Suffer From Large Scale Of Neglect Transform Into A Couple Of Snow-White Puppies

Missing Dog Gets Reunited With Owners After Surviving 7 Days On Steep Cliff

Community Struggled To Save Four Terrified Horses After Falling Into Icy Pond

Puppy Saved From Being Eaten, Shows Priceless Reaction When Getting His First Toy

An Angel Captured Saving Stray Dog While On Her Way Home From School

Best Surprise Ever Goes To The Dog Who Almost Died From Broken Heart

Sick Elderly Woman Had To Offer Her Dog For Adoption As She Couldn't Take Care Of Her

Sick Dog Found Tied Up And Abandoned On The Sidewalk For Days

Woman Saves Abandoned Dog Running On Street And Helps Him Find New Home

Family Wants Their Pitbull To Be Euthanized After Defending Them By Attacking Thief

More Than 100 Dogs Sold To Be Used In Tacos Rescued In Mexico

Police Officer Spots Drowning Animal In Canal, And Makes A Split-Second Decision

NYC Carriage Horse Who Collapsed On Street, Passes Away Two Month Later

Woman Sees Dog Outside Abandoned House Finds Out That She Wasn't Alone

Family Who Paid For Funeral Services For Their Dead Dog, Finds His Body Dumped Like Trash

Abandoned Dog Who Was Found Guarding Over A Month Outside Home Rescued

Stray Dog Looks Like Pile Of Trash Is Now Unrecognizable After Being Adopted

Woman Finds 6 Puppies Abandoned Like Trash In The Woods Gives Them A New Life

German Shepherd Thanks Rescuers With Kisses For Freeing His Head From Fence

Stray Dog Fell In Love With Couple Who Pet Him, He Didn't Hesitate To Sneak Into Their Car

Dog Showers Firefighter With Kisses After Being Trapped On The Roof Of His House

Abandoned Dog With Broken Leg Found In The Woods, Shows Amazing Recovery

Sick Puppy Rescued From Graveyard Had An Emotional Reunion With His Rescuers

Woman Spots Abandoned Dog In The Rain Waiting For His Family To Come Back

Utility Workers Struggle To Rescue Poor Bear Stuck on a Power Pole

Abandoned Dog Shows The Sweetest Smile When She Realizes That She Is Finally Rescued

Brave Pod Of Dolphins Save Man From 6FT Shark By Forming Protective Circle Around Him

Lonely Bear Who Lost Her Fur Was So Sad, But Now She Is Absolutely Thriving

Officer Dumps 10 Orphaned Ducklings Into A Pond, Then They Immediately Get A New Mom

Man Failed To Revive Puppy's Life After Pulling It From The River, But His Wife Had Other Ideas

Woman Saves An Animal Look Like Hyena On Highway, Now Has The Silkiest Coat of Fur

Badly Injured Dog Found Hiding In Hole Waiting For Death, Transforms Into Adorable Dog

Man Frees Chained Horse, Has No Clue He’s About To Get The Thank You Of A Lifetime

Woman Wakes To Find An Unknown Dog On Her Patio Furniture That Refuses To Leave

Grateful dog has big smile for rescuer who spent weeks trying to save her

Owners Take Blind And Deaf Puppy To Vet To Be Put Down, But He Says No

Railway Worker's Quick-Thinking Hailed As A Hero After Rescuing Dog From Train Tracks

Dog Who Spent 2,555 Days In Shelter Finds His Forever Home, Congrats, Flip

Firefighters Saves The Life Of An Unconscious Cat Using A Special Pet Oxygen Mask

Park Rangers Rescues Six Baby Elephants Found Trapped In A Mud Puddle

Tourists Find Abandoned Dog In Argentina, Refused To Leave Him And Took Him To Germany

Homeless Starving Dog Sleeps On Curb Until One Woman Decided To Take An Action

Dog Rescued After Being Used For Street Fights, Cries When Gets A Bed

Disgusting Cat With Wounds Rejected By Everyone, Seeks For Loving Home

Injured Dog With Anemia Sneaked Into A House Seeking For Help And Love

Spelunkers Find Missing Dog For Months In A Cave And Embark On Rescue Mission

Workers Find And Rescue A Muddy Puppy, Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When Cleaned Up

Cave Explorers Find Trapped Dog In 30-Foot Pit, And Rush Down To Rescue Him

Stray Puppy Found Curled Up on Family’s Porch, Wants to Be Everyone’s Friend

Woman Gives Food To Stray Dog, Then He Leads Her To His Hungry Friends

Firefighters Save Dog Whose Head Got Stuck In A Fence And His Pain Went Away

German Shepherd Family Refused To Leave The Dumpster Where They Last Saw Their Owners

Hungry Stray Dog Collects Garbage From Streets Then Exchanges It For Food

Rescue Dog Doesn't Like Small Spaces, Till She Finds The Perfect Tent

Giraffe Found With Tire Stuck Around Her Neck, Rescue Team Called Upon

Puppy Didn't Know His Mom Died, Looking For Food Everyday And Brings It To Her Body

Mother Dog Starved To Death In Freezing Cold Trying To Save Her 7 Puppies

Tiny Puppy Rescued From Dumpster Has Just Begun His Fight To Survive

Tiny Puppy Found Lying Unconsciously In Ditch After Being Abandoned By His Owner

Helpless Dog Rescued From Sewer Drain Struggles To Keep From Drowning

Tiny Dog Makes Big Ruckus To Save His 180-Pound Saint Bernard Friend

Owner Says That His Dog Is Too Old, And Walks Away Far From Him For Good

Morocho The Dog Risked His Own Life To Save 2 Girl's Lives From Puma Attack

Thin Dog Who Has Been Abandoned For Days By His Owners, Ended Now Too Sweet

Two Abandoned Pit Bulls Found Dumped In Park, One Of Them Caring For His Injured Friend

Blind Elephant Has Been Abused For 70 Years, Sheds Real Tears After Being Brought To Safe Park

Sick And Exhausted Dog Found Collapsed , Struggling To Stand Back Up But Could not.

Motionless Mother Dog Found Desperately Crying For Help For Her Puppies

Wild Elephant Thanks Rescuer Who Break The Pond Wall To Let Him Escape

Missy Found Living In Dumpster , But Now She Looks Way Better Than Ever

After Spending 11 Years In The Streets, Deaf Stray Dog Could Find Forever Home

Mama Dog Found Living Inside A Cardboard Box With Her Puppies

Cyclists find five puppies buried in hole, give them a ride to save their lives

Woman Pulls Over Into A Gas Station And Finds Puppies Dumped In The Trash Can

Puppy Seeking Help For His Sick Sister, Begs Rescuer To Follow And Rests His Paw On Her

Neighbors Spot Dog Freezing In Snow, Rush To Help Then Finds Him Protecting Little Boy

Rescuers Get Unforgettable ‘Thank You’ By Mama Donkey After Helping Her Injured Foal

Locals Follow Truck Loaded With Dogs To A Meat Farm, And Decide To Intervene

Forgotten Monkey Found Trapped Between Two Building For 25 Years

Sick Puppy Defeats All The Odds To Stay Alive And Transforms Into A Happy, Healthy Dog

Puppy Fοund Crying In The Woodland, Caught In A Trap And Not Being Able To Escape

Endangered baby monkey Melts Hearts Of Millions With Adorable ‘Cuddles’ During First Bath

Forest Guard From India Rescues Baby Elephant Who Fell In A Ditch

Family Dog Interrupts Mom While Taking Her Shower, Ends Up Saving Her Baby's Life

Ranger Carries His 100-Lb Dog On His Shoulder For Miles To Save His Life

Dying Stray Dog Rescued And Transformed Into The ‘Most Gorgeous Dog’

Puppy Eaten By Fleas Curls Up In On The Street, Rescued Before Taking His Last Breath

Dog With Ton Of Fluid In Her Abdomen, People Thought She Was Pregnant

Malnourished Mama Dog Begs For Help While She Still Feeds Her Six Puppies

Two Small Puppies Found Abandoned At The Park, They Didn't Deserve It At All

She Was Found Weighed Down By Heavy Chains Crying For Help

Innocent Dog Found Dumped With A Heartbreaking Note

Small Puppy Was Thrown, Wasn't Able To Cary, Found Searching For Mother’s Milk in Vain

Stray Dog Found Carrying A Bundle In His Mouth, That Day He Saved A A Little Human Life

Abandoned Kittens Found Covered With Permanent Markers, Now Getting Their First Bath

Hunter Find And Emaciated Dog Tied To A Tree With An Empty Bowl

Jack Russell Pulls His Dad Into Bushes To Guide Him To An Abandoned Newborn Baby

Rescuers Struggle Through A Lightning Storm To Bring Abandoned Dogs To Safety.

Teens Act Fast To Help A Frozen Creature Crawling Down The Road

Dog With Lost Fur Found Shivering In Cold As He Was Locked-Out For Being A Nuisance

Ukrainian soldiers Rescue And Adopt Freezing Stray Puppy Amidst War

Online Strangers Help 'Wonky Nosed' Dog Breathe And Pay For His Surgery

Hero Pit Bull Drags Baby by Diaper After House Goes Up In Flames

Helpless Stray Dog Found With Huge Tumor On The Ground For Long Time

Dog Abandoned In A Local Park To Die, With His Mangled Face & No Nostrils

She Finds Two Vultures In Yard, One Of Them Chases Her Like A Puppy After Being Rescued

Family Abandoned Sick Dog After Owner's Death, Turns From Being Pampered Into Sadness

Exhausted Pregnant Dog Collapsed In The Middle Of Street Begging For Help

Dog Abandoned In Empty Parking Lot With Only Her Bed For Comfort

Buried Mother Dog And Her Puppy Could Only Wait As A Bulldozer Ran Across The Field

Stray Dog Miserable Life Story Was Written on His Skin

Man Finds Collapsed Dog In A Heavy Rain After Her Owner Of 15 Years Passes Away

Champion Had Lost All will To Live Until Someone Came To Change Everything

Plane Crew Reacts quickly To Save Dog's Life With Oxygen Mask For Flight

Mother Duck Standing Near Tunnel Crying For Help To Save He Babies

Dog Found Barely Alive In A Dumpster Now On His Journey To Recovery

Mail Carrier Rescues Small Stray Puppy On Route, Takes Him To Finish Deliveries

Officer Breaks Car Window To Free Small Puppy Trapped Inside In Hot Weather

Woman Finds And Rescues Abandoned Pit Bull Inside Disused Bus On A Hot Day

Badly Injured Pit Bull Rescued From Fighting Gets Warm Bath For The First Time

Justice Has Been Served To The Dog Who Has Been Severely Beaten and Thrown Into River

Small Pup Found Living Inside Chicken Coop, Turns Out to Be Funny, Confident Dog

Terrified Sick Pit Bull Shakes When Making His First Visit To Vet, Shows Amazing Recovery

Helpless Dog Rescued Just In Time After Being Found Tied to a Tree and Left to Die

In Horror Scene They Watch Coyote Snatching Their Little Dog, And Used A Secret Weapon

Motionless Dog Was Sure That Someone Would Hold Onto Some Hope

Faithful Dog Waits By His Injured Friend For 6 Hours Until Rescuers Arrives

20 Dogs At Shelter Set To Be Euthanized Have Been All Got Adopted

Finally Last Dog In Shelter Gets Adopted, And Smiles When He Realizes Will Get A Home

2-Year-Old Girl Goes To Shelter And Picks Sick, Shy Pit Bull Who Just Needs Love

Bullied Dog Peeks Shyly Out From Behind The Door When Rescuers Arrive

Man Saves Mother Wolf Stuck In A Trap, After 4 Years She Saves His Life

Man Rescues Mother Dog Buried Up To Her Neck, And She Wasn't Alone

Man Refuses To Leave His 450 Animals In Ukraine, He Would Prefer Lose His Life With Them

Heartless Owner Left His Dog Confused With Bulging Eyes In Front Of Local Shelter!

Starving Dogs Felt Nothing But Pain, Found Living With Wires Cutting Into Their Necks

Warning For All Pet Owners After Dog Dies From A Gidden Danger At Beach

Vet Rejected Treating Hairless Puppy , But She Never Listened Or Even Gave Up

The Dog Who Was Abandoned On Camera Can't Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

Injured Dog Used All Of His Strength To Drag Himself To Safety

Stray Dog Was Tired Of Being Just A Toy For Kids Of A Small Village

Tiny Pup Found Crying And Asking For Some Human Help

No One Wanted To Get Attached To Sickly Puppy, She Stayed At His Side Anyway

Pregnant Dog With Breasts About To Burst, Found Waiting For Owner Who Dumped Her

Pregnant Dog Dumped By Owner And Woman Refuses To Let Her Stay Heartbroken

Kindhearted Woman Finds Abandoned Dog At Gas Station And Helps Find Her A New Home

Woman Finds An Abandoned Injured Dog Rotting In A Field And Are Determined To Save It

Stray Dog Finds A Refuge In An Old Television To Protect Himself From The Cold

Brave Dog Max Was Credited With Helping Bring Down Most Wanted Drug Dealer

FDNY Saves Drowning Dog Who Was Thrown Off Bridge Into A River

Smart Boy Helps Saving Couple With Their 100lb Dog Stranded On Trail Without Water

Dog With Crushed Front Paw Rescued And Put An End To His Pain

Beagle Sees The Sunshine For The First Time After Being Rescued From His Cage

Injured Dog Rushes To Ambulance And Jumps Inside To Save Herself

Blind Dog Found At The Dumpster After Being Surrendered By His Owner

Bikers See A Bag Dumped From A Car, Then A Puppy Run Over To Them For A Ride

Dog Finds Baby Dolphin Stranded On The Shore And Saves His Life

Dog With Missing Part Of His Face Left To Die By Owners, Gets New Life After Surgery

Senior Deaf Dog Who Spent 11 Year Of His Life As Stray, Finds Forever Home

Deputy Comforts Injured Dog After Being Hit By Car Until help arrives

Pregnant Dog Found Waiting For Owners Who Abandoned Her To Come Back

Bear Spent 9 Years In Torture Vest , Now Enjoys The Water For The First Time

Trooper Rescued Dog On The Side Road From Scorching Heat

Cat Rescued From Dumpster Fire Adopted By The Vet Who Treated Her Burns

Brave Zookeeper Jumps Into Water And Saves Drowning Orangutan Using CPR

Dog With Enormous Tumor Gets A New Life After Surgery

Trash Truck Driver Saves Tiny Dog's Life He Found While Trash Collection

Disabled Unwanted Dog With Bent-Legs Is Abandoned On The Road In Front Of A Tire Repair Shop

Man pushing cart full of dogs receives unforeseen life-changing help from stranger

Stranded Whale Has Been Set Free After 6 Hours Of Hard Work To Keep The Orca Wet

Desperately exhausted dog, with a pot on his head, lay down and started choking

Rescue Dog With Autoimmune Disease Proves Beauty Comes From Within

A rescued dog with an incurable tumor shows the world his beauty

Young Girl Would Certainly Drowned If This Blind Rescue Dog Couldn't Heard Her Cries

Abandoned Dog Faces Shelter Wall Frozen In Fear After Being Dumped

Stray Dog With Spine Injury Seen Dragging His Back Legs Around Seemed All Too Familiar

Woman Finds A Bucket Of Puppies While Strolling In Woods, And She Picked On By The Neck

Puppy With A Big Injury Abandoned In A Cave With No Food Or Water, But Maggots

Rescuers Save Stray Dog With A Bone Stuck In Its Mouth Keep It Wide Open

Police Officers Save Six Puppies Who Runaway From parkway After 'Prison Break'.

Locals Works Hard To Reunite Mother Dog With Her Puppies After Landslide

Neglected Little Puppy Moves From Poor Life To Become A Queen

6 Helpless Puppies Rescued From Train Tracks With No Sight Of Their Mother

Abandoned Dog Invaded With Ticks Found Tied Up With A Rope

After Years Of Neglect, Puppy Kisses His Rescuer For Giving Him Faith In Humanity Again

3 Month-Old Giraffe Could Walk Again After Receiving Custom Braces To Fix Legs

Loyal Dog Keeps Waiting At The Same Spot Where He Has Been Abandoned Since Weeks

Owl Who Was Run Over By A Car Can't Stop Hugging Her Rescuer

Tiny Malnutritioned Dog Given Only 6 Months To Live, After 8 Year Barks Like A Duck

Breeders Dumps “Unsellable” Dog Who In Turn Becomes Huge Star