Cat Found With A Tape Roll Over His Neck, Rescued And Given A New Life

People in California were shocked after seeing a ginger cat, whose neck was rolled over by a big empty tape roll. The cat was very afraid of people and just tried to run away of them whenever they tried to catch him to help him.

That's when Chris Gattas and Kimberly Saxelby went to the scene to help the cat. Kimberly said that they tried at first to set a trap in hopes that the cat would go out to it, but he was not able to move due to the tape roll, so, they started chasing him with their nets. Fortunately, they were finally able to catch him with the pole net.

They took the cat, who had been living with the tape roll for months, to Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter to be medicated. His condition was very bad as was not able to drink or eat very well due to the tape roll, which left him dehydrated and emaciated.

The cat's treatment needed weeks, but it is expected to be fine. He was named Valentine as he was saved on 14/2. What a happy ending!

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