Professional Football Players Steps Into The Field Carrying Shelter Dogs Looking For Homes

Puppy At Shelter Tries To Comfort Her Sister With A Hug After Being Rescued

Woman Finds Abandoned Dog In A Shopping Cart And Saves Its Little Life

Couple Adopted Dog Who Is Very Similar To Their Dog, Then Finds Out Why

Giant Shelter Pitbull Who Was Looking For A Home, Leads To Adoption

Stray Dog Living Under A Vehicle Waited Several Weeks Until Somebody Finds Him

Veterinary Nurse Has Its Own Sweet Way To Greet Pets Waking After Surgery

Dog Who Was Abandoned At Airport Got Adopted By A United Pilot

Big Sister Tightly Holds Her Brother So She Can Help His Seizures Go Away

Dogs Give Goodbye Kisses To Their Sick Brother Before Being Sent To Be Euthanized

Police Dog Overjoyed With His Gift, And Fills Everyone With Holiday Cheer

Mama Dog Has Been Force-Fed With Drugs Got Rescued With Her 10 Puppies

Woman Notices Dog Outside An Abandoned Building And Finds Out She Is Not Alone

Dalmatian Dog Mistakes Group Of Spotted Horses As His Biological Family

Small Stray Dog Is Now Unrecognizable After Emergency Makeover

Mom Filmed Her Poodle While Posing Majestically in the Wind

Small Puppies Abandoned In Cardboard Box Near Trash Can

Pregnant Dog Saved On Christmas From Freezing Cold Just Before Giving Birth

Doberman Fakes His Death To Survive Brutal Mountain Lion Attack

Hybrid Wolf-Dog Finally Finds Forever Home After His Story Being Shared Far And Wide

Vets Makes An Adorable New Ears For Injured Pit Bull, And She Is Now Ready For Adoption

Owners Returned Dog To Shelter After 4 Months Because She Wants To Sleep In Their Bed

Ronald The Dog Who Failed Through 14 Adoptions, Finally Finds Forever Home

23-Year-Old Chihuahua Has Been Officially Named As The World's Oldest Living Dog

Golden Retriever Builds Friendship With A Deer, Then She Brings Her Family To Meet Him

Dog Who Has Been Abandoned By His Owner Outside Airport Finds Now New Loving Home

Pregnant Dog Adopted From High-Kill Shelter, Gives Birth While On Her Ride To Home

Caring Nurse Adopts Terminally Sick Dying Dog So He Doesn’t Have To Go To Shelter

Orphaned Puppy Would Prefer To Stay Homeless Rather Than Being Touched By Humans

Man Had A Wish Of Owning A Husky For 15 Years, Now Gets His Birthday Surprise

Devoted Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of Paralyzed Cat After Both Being Abandoned

Vet Finds Injured Dog Inside A Cage Dumped At His Clinic Doorstep With A Note

Tiny Pup Melts 8 Million Hearts When Snuggles Into Mama Dog Who Lost Her Puppies

Devastated Mama Dog Lost Her 7 Puppies In Fire, Then She Has Been Showed A Litter Of Orphans

Woman Brought Dying Puppy Into Chimp Sanctuary, And Gets Well Care By Chimp Family

Dog Suffering From Cancer Rejected By 4 Families, Until One Man Sees Him And Takes Action

Ugly Unwanted Pit Bull Finally Finds His Forever Home After Long Wait

Great Dane Melts 8M Hearts With Sweetest "Driveway Greeting" For His Mom

Missing Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions When Reuniting With Mom And Dad In Shelter

Golden Retriever Melts Million Hearts When Dedicated Himself To Caring For Pregnant Mate

Great Dane Enjoys His Nap While Laying On Trampoline

Woman Holds Small Considered Too Ugly Dog, And Convinces Her That She's Worthy

Sleeping Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions When Letting Baby Goats Use Him For Jumping Practice

Giant Dog Melts Hearst While Guarding Bus Stop To Make Sure His Little Girl Get On Safely

Boy Born With Birth Defects Melts Hearts After Showing His Dog That He Can Walk

Elderly Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions While She Adorably Greeting Her Senior Friend

Couple Finds Their Lost Dog After She Jumped From Car Window During Crash

Blind Puppy Melts Hearts Of 8 Millions When Meeting Baby Sister For The First Time

Husky Saves Two Weeks Old Kitten And She Is Acting Just Like A Dog

His Eyes Full Of Pain Show She Had Given Up On Life, But Rescuers Wouldn't Give Up On Her

Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions While Laying On Top Of Boy With Brain Injury

Soldier Reunites With His Battle Partner He Has Not Seen Since Two Years

Mam Dog Melts Hearts Of Millions When Reuniting With Her Puppies After Growing Up

Small Two-Legged Boxer Melts Hearts Of Millions While Being In His Dad's Arms

Young Boy Melts Million Hearts When He Picks Old, Deaf Shelter Dog To Be His Best Friend

Dad Adopts The Smallest Dog In The World An He Is Willing To Do Anything To Protect Her

Dog Tracks Down Her Owner Mom At Walmart After Being Missing For Three Weeks

Baby Punished For Being "Dumb" And Too Terrified To Turn Around, Feels The Ground Moves

Animal Shelter Staff Celebrates Empty Kennel For The First Time Ever

Woman Weeps Over Lifeless Dog, Then Feels Her Paw Twitched When She Lifts Her Stiff Body

Man Camps Outside Shelter For Around 5 Hours To Be Able To Adopt His Favorite Puppy

Man Skips Wedding Party To Rescue Trapped Dog Near Overflowing River

Dad Breaks Down In Tears When He Spots His Missing Dog Who Was Lost For 12 Days

Woman Looking To Adopt A New Dog, Finds Her Lost Dog Who Went Missing For Two Years

74-Year-Old Woman From Florida Fights Off Alligator To Save Her Dog 

Sick Puppy Being Abandoned In Landfill, Saved And Has Been Given Another Chance At Life

Man Cries Uncontrollably While Watching Stray Dog He Rescued Depart For Shelter Homes

Cop Comes Near By A Box On Side Of The Road And Finds 10-Week-Old Puppy Beside It

Man Sneaks Up To Save Stray Dog Whose Head Is Being Stuck In A Plastic Bottle

Police Officer Saves Trapped Puppy In Septic Tank And Decided To Become His Father

Dog With Broken Noose Around Her Neck Rescued And Feels Love Touch For The First Time

7-Year-Old Boy Named The Kid Of The Year, As He Rescued More Than 1,300 Dogs

Man Holds Stray Senior Dog In His Arms And Starts Listening To His Sad Stories

Golden Retriever Melts Hearts Of Millions After Seen Taking Care Of Toddler Like A Mother

Stray Puppy Who Got Stuck Under A Gate Found Screaming In Pain When Rescued

Terrified Small Dog Found Frozen On The Side Of A Busy Freeway

Senior Blind And Deaf Dog Never Being Loved, Now Dances With Her New Mom

Longest Shelter Dog Melts Hearts When Falls Asleep Smiling After Being Finally Adopted

Man Steps In And Fights With A 350-lb Bear To Save His Dog's Life

Family Dog Melts 20M Hearts Hugging His Little Human After School

Dog Desperately Found Looking For Her Lost Puppies, She Stops At Nothing To Find Them Back

2 Sisters Cry For Dog In Kill Shelter, But They Don't Know That Mom Adopted Same Dog

Stray Dog With Head Injury Melts Hearts Of Millions When He Finds Love In The Arms A Cop

Owner Thought That His Dog Died Two Years Ago, But She Was Found Living Alone In The Mountains

Rain-Soaked Puppy Approaches Kind Man Wagging His Tail But His Trauma Is Bigger Than He Is

Dog Melts Million Hearts As She Weeps When Hearing Newborn Baby Cries For The First Time

17-lb Starving Dog Discovers Snuggles & What A Full Tummy Feels Like

Mother Dog Seen Chasing After A Truck With Her Rescued Puppies

Workers Find Abandoned Golden Retriever As She Gives Birth To A Litter Of ‘Cow Babies’

Starving Dog In Alleyway On Brink Of Death, Shown Taste of Love He Never Knew Before

Vet Thought That Dalmatian Will Have 3 Puppies, But She Gives Birth To 18

Man Taking His Sick Dog For Special Walk Every Day Melts Millions Of Hearts

Two-Year-Old Boy Builds Instant Bond With A Puppy With The Same Birth Defect As Him

Priest Allows Stray Dog To Attend Mass Helping Them To Find Home

German Shepherd Collapses And Cries With Joy When He Sees His Dad After Months Apart

Golden Retriever Dog Thinks That He Is Dad Of 4 Baby Bunnies

Small Dog Causes A Big Ruckus To rescue His 180-Pound Saint Bernard Friend

Couples Watch Their Dog Coming Back Home From The Woods With A Bear Friend

Little Boy With Flu Refused Any One To Comfort Him Except His Rescue Dog

Crooked-Faced Dog Adopted To Become A Dog With A Special Look!

Couple Rescues Senior Beagle Who Has Been Given Away For Free Online

Dog Captured Crawling Under Mechanic Dad's Car, To Give Him The Most Adorable Cuddle

Husky Melts Hearts Of Millions While Hugging His Baby Sister While She Sleeps

Helpless Puppy Found Stuck In The Rain, Rescued And Got Feed

Helpless Puppy Abandoned On Active Kansas Highway Rescued Just On Time

Monkey Adopts And Defends Stray Puppy From Other Stray Dogs And Let It Eat First

130-Pounds Giant Dog Steps Into Forever Home For The Very First Time In His Life

Family Dog Finds Abandoned Kittens In A Box, And Becomes Their Foster Dad

Foster Mom Worried About Her Chihuahua’s Big Belly, Then Surprised With Record-Breaking Gift

Man Finds Two Frozen Puppies Inside A Box And Didn't Think Twice To Save Them

Two Puppies Suffer From Large Scale Of Neglect Transform Into A Couple Of Snow-White Puppies

Missing Dog Gets Reunited With Owners After Surviving 7 Days On Steep Cliff

Dog Who Went Missing For 7 Years Reunites With Her Family After Being Found In Hotel Room

Dog Hilariously Breaks Up Fight During Jiu Jitsu Competition

Two Pit Bulls Caught Listening Intently While Their Cockatiel Friend Sings to Them

Puppy Saved From Being Eaten, Shows Priceless Reaction When Getting His First Toy

An Angel Captured Saving Stray Dog While On Her Way Home From School

Family Dog Finds Abandoned Kitten On Street And Asks His Dad To Take It Home

Man Captured While Collecting Water With His Hands To Feed A Thirsty Dog

Man Adopts Senior Dog From Shelter To Make Sure He Will Not Die There Alone

Kindhearted Butcher Used To Leave Leftovers Outside His Shop To Feed Stray Dogs

Senior Abandoned Dog At Gas Station Got Adopted And Becomes Full Time Employee

Dog Rescued From Desert Has Been Waiting For Home For 6 Years Got Rejected For Being Shy

Fire Station Service Dog Receives National ASPCA Award

Sick Elderly Woman Had To Offer Her Dog For Adoption As She Couldn't Take Care Of Her

Emotional Reunion For Dog With His Mom After Being Missing For Two Months

Runaway Dog Got Rescued From Drowning After Falling In A Pond

Sick Dog Found Tied Up And Abandoned On The Sidewalk For Days

Neighbors Ask To Release Tied Up Dog Who Endures Rain Without Roof For More Than A Month

Shelter Employees Makes A Photo Session For Unwanted Puppy, Never Lose Faith

Smart Dog Shows "Victim Face" For Pet Store Customers To Feed Him

Tiny Puppy Filmed While Pushing Chair So That His Elderly Mom Won't Fall Down

Service Dog Who Goes To University With His Owner Ended Up "Teaching Classes"

Devastated Family Transformed Their Dead Pet Dog's Fur Into A Rug To Preserve Forever

Dog Has Been Honored For Serving Aboard Ship For 700 Days Helping Blind People

Puppy Couldn't Stop Howling When He Joined Birthday Song Of His Human Friend

Dog Riding A Bus By Himself Pretends Not Listening When He Was Asked For Ticket

Shelter Employees Organize A Sweet Party For A Senior Unadoptable Dog

Woman Saves Abandoned Dog Running On Street And Helps Him Find New Home

Dog Who Was Lost For 5 Years Jumps Into His Mom's Arms When She Finds Him

Family Dog Builds Heartwarming Friendship With A Homeless Man

Bus Driver Takes His Puppy With Him To Work, Saying That He Can't Leave Him Alone

Family Were About To Adopt New Dog, But Fate Brought Them With Their Lost Dog At Shelter

Family Wants Their Pitbull To Be Euthanized After Defending Them By Attacking Thief

Dog Pushes Boy Away From Main Chair At Birthday Party So That Everyone Will Sing For Him

More Than 100 Dogs Sold To Be Used In Tacos Rescued In Mexico

Man Shared 'Ultrasound' Showing His Dog In His Womb As A Proof That His Dog Is His Daughter

Arnold Schwarzenegger Welcomes His New Adopted Puppy Named Schnitzel

Police Officer Spots Drowning Animal In Canal, And Makes A Split-Second Decision

Cunning Stray Dogs Seen Stealing Food, And The Vendor Forgives Them

Handlers Line Up For Dancing, Then Their Dogs Unleash Moves Which Steal The Show

This Is The Unique Chocolate-Brown Husky With Priceless Blue Eyes

Family Dog Thinks That Girl Was Drowning, And Saves Her From Small Pool

Woman Sees Dog Outside Abandoned House Finds Out That She Wasn't Alone

Smart Dog Caught On Camera Riding Bus Alone And Getting Off At Pet Food Store

Family Who Paid For Funeral Services For Their Dead Dog, Finds His Body Dumped Like Trash

Puppy Invites His Dog Friend To His Owner's Place To Protect Him From Heavy Rain

Woman Posts Her Last Moments With Her Sick Dog Before Being Put Down

Abandoned Dog Who Was Found Guarding Over A Month Outside Home Rescued

Blind Dog With Heart Issues Brings Lifeline For A Woman With One Eye

Stray Dog Looks Like Pile Of Trash Is Now Unrecognizable After Being Adopted

Woman Finds 6 Puppies Abandoned Like Trash In The Woods Gives Them A New Life

Two Dogs At Shelter Comfort Each Other By Touching Noses Over Their Kennels

Devastated Grandfather Cried After The Death of His puppy: "His Unconditional Friend Was Gone"

Man Sold Everything To Feed 800 Stray Dogs, And He Sleeps With Them On A Table

Puppy Seen Riding Scooter While Traveling With His Owner Around Town

German Shepherd Thanks Rescuers With Kisses For Freeing His Head From Fence

Dying Dog With Cancer Spends His Last Day With Family Eating Favorite Snack

Stray Dog Fell In Love With Couple Who Pet Him, He Didn't Hesitate To Sneak Into Their Car

Dog Was Very Excited When Family Sings Happy Birthday To Him. He Kept Jumping

Stray Dog Enjoys The Waves On The Beach, Jumps To Catch Them

Dog Showers Firefighter With Kisses After Being Trapped On The Roof Of His House

Man Had To Left His Dog At Shelter After His Wife's Death, Comes Back After 18 Months For Her

Dog Works As Garbage Collector, He Works Hard To Earn His Daily Snacks

Cleaning Worker Takes Her Puppy During Work Day, Dressed Him With His Own Uniform

Abandoned Dog With Broken Leg Found In The Woods, Shows Amazing Recovery

Sick Puppy Rescued From Graveyard Had An Emotional Reunion With His Rescuers

Stray Dog Wouldn't Leave His Wounded Friend's Side Until They Are Both Rescued Together

Woman Spots Abandoned Dog In The Rain Waiting For His Family To Come Back

Man Causes Stir In Street While Carrying His Dog Behind Him On Bicycle As Moving Around

Funny Rottweiler Refuses Vegetables By Saying "No" And Says "Yes" To Cheese

Woman Weeping At Graveside Takes A Look Up And Sees An ‘Angel’

Groomer Lost Her Dog, But She Is Unaware That Her Next Client Wil l Be Her New Pet

Family Dog Attempts To Protect His Dad From A Bear Shown On TV

Dog Seen Taking Care Of His Owner's Bread Carried In Truck, I Love Baker Dog

Dog Seen Chasing Couple's Car Ended Up Adopted By Them, He Just Wanted To Find A Home

Missing Dog Takes Over Police Station While Searching For His Owners

Dying Dog Shows Emotional Final Goodbye To His Mom Just Before Being Put Down

Dad Captured While Carrying His Baby And A Puppy In Shopping Center

Abandoned Dog Shows The Sweetest Smile When She Realizes That She Is Finally Rescued

Man Spends Hours Carving Jack-o’-Lantern Portrait Of His Beloved Dog For Halloween

Rescued Tiger Gets Happy Moments When Getting Into A pool For The First Time

Little Boy Adopts Oldest Unwanted Dog From Shelter, Makes Him Happy Until His Last Days

Woman Finds Her Dog Outside While Cleaning A Deer

Heartwarming Moment Witnessed While Woman Was Looking Out Of Her Window At Stranger

Stubborn Husky Stands In Empty Water Dish And Howls To Get Mom’s Attention

Yorkie Steals Fake Teeth Off The Table, Makes His Dad Bursts Into Laughter

Army Dog Comes Running Into His Soldier's Arms Who Hasn't Seen Him Since 3 Years

Man Failed To Revive Puppy's Life After Pulling It From The River, But His Wife Had Other Ideas

Owner Scolding Dog Bursts Into Laughter When He Gets Unexpected Response From His Dog

Woman Saves An Animal Look Like Hyena On Highway, Now Has The Silkiest Coat of Fur

Postman Makes Sure Dog Will Get A Letter Everyday, Even If There Isn't Any Mail

Badly Injured Dog Found Hiding In Hole Waiting For Death, Transforms Into Adorable Dog

Woman Wakes To Find An Unknown Dog On Her Patio Furniture That Refuses To Leave

Grateful dog has big smile for rescuer who spent weeks trying to save her

Best friends take in 19-year-old shelter dog and are making her last days magical

Owners Take Blind And Deaf Puppy To Vet To Be Put Down, But He Says No

200 Miles Into The Trip, He Hears Barking Coming From The Front Of His Car

Railway Worker's Quick-Thinking Hailed As A Hero After Rescuing Dog From Train Tracks

Dying Man's Condition Improves Significantly After Being Reunited With His Dog

Dog Rescued From Shelter Rides Now In A Custom Sidecar On His Dad's Motorcycle

Dog Who Spent 2,555 Days In Shelter Finds His Forever Home, Congrats, Flip

John Travolta shares sweet video of rescue dog waking him up with kisses

Disabled Teen Wins Miss Dallas Competition With The Help Of Her Service Dog

Owner Builds A New Fence For His Dog, But Stella Proves It’s No Good At All

Funny Dog Uses The Toilet Paper Roll As Megaphone While Howling

Dog Beat Cancer, And He Opens A Gift For A Birthday He Wasn’t Supposed To See

Smart Dog Shows Up At Police Station To Report A Missing Dog Himself

Abandoned Puppy With Two Legs Only, Gets Wheelchair Made Of LEGO By 12-Year-Old Boy

Tourists Find Abandoned Dog In Argentina, Refused To Leave Him And Took Him To Germany

Blind Dog Couldn't Hold His Joy When Runs Free In His Own Field After A Year In Shelter

Homeless Starving Dog Sleeps On Curb Until One Woman Decided To Take An Action

Dog Rescued After Being Used For Street Fights, Cries When Gets A Bed

Rescue Dog Gets His Very First Toy And Wouldn't Let It Go

Injured Dog With Anemia Sneaked Into A House Seeking For Help And Love

Spelunkers Find Missing Dog For Months In A Cave And Embark On Rescue Mission

Cave Explorers Find Trapped Dog In 30-Foot Pit, And Rush Down To Rescue Him

Dog Found Carries His Security Blanket After Being Rescued From Fighting Ring

Stray Puppy Found Curled Up on Family’s Porch, Wants to Be Everyone’s Friend

Woman Gives Food To Stray Dog, Then He Leads Her To His Hungry Friends

Elderly Woman Finds Her Missing Dog After Spending Days In The Hospital

Firefighters Save Dog Whose Head Got Stuck In A Fence And His Pain Went Away

German Shepherd Family Refused To Leave The Dumpster Where They Last Saw Their Owners

Dog Sings For His Human's Birthday By Howling, And He Was The Best Party Guest

Enamored Dog Learned How To Use Ladder To See His Girlfriend

Dog Waits Patiently For Park Game To Splash Him With Water, And He Enjoys It

Hungry Stray Dog Collects Garbage From Streets Then Exchanges It For Food

Puppies Seen Kissing On Street, One Licked His Face & The Other Was Laughing Happily

Woman Hides In Park, Then Her Dog Recognizes Her Smell After Being Apart For 6 Months

Rescue Dog Doesn't Like Small Spaces, Till She Finds The Perfect Tent

Dog Steps In Catwalk And Steals The Show During Beauty Pageant

90-Year-Old Man In Neighborhood Comes To Say Goodbye To Dying Dog

Puppy Didn't Know His Mom Died, Looking For Food Everyday And Brings It To Her Body

Mother Dog Starved To Death In Freezing Cold Trying To Save Her 7 Puppies

Tiny Puppy Rescued From Dumpster Has Just Begun His Fight To Survive

Tiny Puppy Found Lying Unconsciously In Ditch After Being Abandoned By His Owner

Helpless Dog Rescued From Sewer Drain Struggles To Keep From Drowning

Tiny Dog Makes Big Ruckus To Save His 180-Pound Saint Bernard Friend

Owner Says That His Dog Is Too Old, And Walks Away Far From Him For Good

Golden Retriever Doesn't Accept The Idea Of Burying Its Friend's Dead Body