Fake Vet And Owner Arrested For Performing Illegal C-Section On Dog and Post Video On TikTok

Larry Colon, who has Lyla, a French Bulldog, is accused of paying an unlicensed man called Frankie Huertas Rivera to perform a cesarean section on his dog, and shared the video on TikTok, according to the authorities in Florida.


Rivera is also accused of performing the cesarean section on the dog to remove pups from inside her.


Colon said that he was told the Rivera was a licensed vet, and he paid him $650. Unfortunately, Lyla died because of septic shock, according to animal hospital, as Colon took her there to treat her but it was too late. Unfortunately, she died with 2 unborn pups inside her who also died.


Colon faces charges of animal cruelty, but he is out on bond. On the other hand, Rivera faces one count of unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine and animal cruelty charges. Watch the video below.


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