Owner Abandoned His Dying Baby Animal Inside A Box In A Parking Lot And Drives Away

Pets are similar, to children. When someone abandons them they feel lost, scared, confused and lonely. That's exactly what happened to a puppy when his owner heartlessly dumped him in a box at a parking lot and drove away. Fortunately Shannon discovered the puppy in the box. 

Decided to bring him home. The little pup was extremely weak suffering from mange and weighed 4 lbs. He was fighting for survival while his owner callously discarded him like garbage. Shannon named him "Jiminy Cricket". Made it her mission to nurse him back to health and provide him with a life.

After weeks of struggle and determination Jiminy Cricket finally started thriving under Shannons loving care. He grew up to become a companion that touched the hearts of Shannon and her family deeply that they couldn't bear to part with him as foster parents. They ended up adopting Jiminy themselves! It's truly a heartwarming ending for such a friend!

Watch the video below to witness Jiminy Crickets journey, from dying in that box to embracing every moment of his fulfilled life!

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