Woman Asks Vet To Put Down Her Dog Because He Barks At People

According to the founder of a rescue center a woman who owns a dog requested a veterinarian to put her pet down "because it barks at people." Lucie Holmes, who runs Lucies Animal Rescue, in Thirsk North Yorkshire received a call from this woman asking if she could take in her two year breed dog named Markus. Unfortunately Lucies shelter was already full. Couldn't accommodate any animals.

Two hours later Lucie Holmes received another call from a veterinarian informing her that the owner had requested euthanasia for Markus due to his barking behavior. However the veterinarian refused to comply with this request.

Expressing her disgust over the situation Mrs. Holmes said that she has been unable to sleep due to her anger. She strongly believes that there is no reason to euthanize Markus and instead believes that he just needs time and proper training.

Despite having nine dogs and thirty four kittens in need of new homes Mrs. Holmes and her engineer husband decided to step up and offer Markus a place, in their home.

In messages shared with the BBC the owner explained to Mrs. Holmes that she wanted to rehome Markus because he barks at cyclists, cars and other dogs.
"She mentioned that she hadn't personally trained the dog. Shared that he had been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

When Mrs. Holmes informed her that the rooms were currently occupied but assured to notify her a room became available she politely inquired, "Could you please let me know when that might be?"

Before Mrs. Holmes could respond a call came in from a veterinary clinic informing her about "a lady who had just arrived with intentions to euthanize her own dog."

"I asked the veterinarians if by any chance the dogs name happened to be Markus?". Indeed it was.

Despite the veterinarians refusal Mrs. Holmes expressed concern, for Markus and promptly contacted his owner offering to take him in.

Mrs. Holmes emphasized that while she doesn't intend to discourage people from seeking help she does urge them to " consider" and "conduct research" before acquiring a pet.

"You need to invest time in research and allow dogs time to adjust " she advised.

Just like you wouldn't expect a burst of joy from a toddler on their day, at daycare.

The BBC reached out to the veterinarians who confirmed that Markus had indeed been taken under the care of a rescue organization. They didn't provide any information.
The BBC couldn't establish contact, with the owner.