Family Dumps Their Malformed Face Dog, But An Angel Shows Up To Make Everything Right

What matters in beauty is our internal. The physical features aren't important in this as everyone has beautiful features.

Lucky, who wasn't lucky at all, did not get adopted as he was born with a severe facial deformity. So, people just could not look at him. Actually, he was adopted more than once but he was also treated badly in each time. One time, he was kept outside as he did not get along with the family's cat.

The poor dog was there tide to a tree with no place to sleep or having enough food, he was always neglected and ignored. After all that, he was then surrendered to a shelter as his family wanted to move! They did not treat him as a part of the family as they did not want to take him with them.

But, one day everything changed because of a post on social media! A volunteer from the shelter posted some pictures of Lucy at the groomer and he was really handsome. Jamie Hult, a friend of the volunteer, directly called the volunteer and decided to see Lucy and even she wanted to adopt him.

Unfortunately, Lucy had fleas and heartworms, and he needed veterinary treatment. Despite everything, Jamie did not care and she just wanted to take him as her heart directly opened for him. Thankfully, he made a complete recovery after a long road.

Jamie decided to call him Beaux Tox, after Botox, as that what he needs. So, he now has new human, new home, and a new beautiful name. Finally, they are now together for more than one year and they are so happy with each other.

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