Healthy 14-Month-Old Puppy Passes Away While Residing At Puppy Training Facility

A family is devastated by the sudden and tragic loss of their 14 month old puppy after a week long stay at a dog training facility.

Sisters Christina and Celia Zazzarino who reside in Sydney had a perfectly healthy dog named Wiston (Winnie) but he had become quite unruly.

Recognizing the need for professional training at such a young age they began searching online for a reputable facility.

And based on positive reviews, they selected a training facility in Sydney and arranged for Winnie to stay there for two weeks.

Before leaving him at the facility the family took Winnie to the veterinarian who confirmed his good health.

However just over a week later tragedy struck and Winnie passed away unexpectedly. The heartbroken sisters had paid $1,515 for his two week accommodation at the facility.

On the fourth day of his stay.

Christina and Celia received distressing news from the facility - an employee called to inform them that Winnie hadn't eaten in four days. Concerned but trusting in the expertise of those caring for their beloved pet. They provided information about his preferred food so it could be purchased.

A week went by without any updates on Winnies condition from the facility. Growing worried Celia decided to reach out to the chief trainer via text message seeking an update.

To their relief Celia received a response stating that Winnie was doing well and was now eating better.

Later that same day. Winnies condition worsened significantly and Celina was notified that he was being taken to the veterinarian.

The trainers informed her that he was dehydrated and experiencing stomach discomfort but assured her that medication and hydration were being provided.

Desperate to bring him home amid these troubling developments. Christina and Celia requested to pick up Winnie immediately but were told that he was in good health.

Despite their trust in this training facilitys' abilities to care for their dog, Christina and Celia now mourn the loss of their beloved companion, Winnie. Upon receiving photographs of their cherished puppy along with an assurance that he 'appears to be on the recovery.

The Zazzarinos were momentarily relieved before facing heart wrenching news shortly after.

Sadly. Winnie failed to show signs of improvement and tragically did not make it home; instead. Celina and Christina bid him farewell at the veterinarians' office where they noticed his distressing weight loss firsthand. Veterinarian Dr. Rob Zammit expressed concern over Winnies grave condition by describing him as 'clearly very ill' and voiced his belief that the trainers should have detected these signs earlier.

Zammit emphasized that professional trainers bear the responsibility of recognizing symptoms of illness in dogs and making informed judgments about their overall health. He stressed the urgency of immediately notifying dog owners if a dog is refusing food and rapidly losing weight calling for swift action with a clear message: "Come back and retrieve your dog this situation is not working. "

In their quest for understanding and support. The Zazzarinos turned to social media to share their experience at the training facility. Their post resonated with readers worldwide quickly spreading virally and garnering widespread attention. Consequently. They were offered a refund for their expenses as well as assistance in covering Winnies veterinary care costs.

Seeking to refute these allegations the chief trainer countered by issuing a legal letter to A Current Affair wherein he adamantly denied any wrongdoing while asserting that Winnie was already 'underweight' upon his arrival at their establishment. Currently awaiting autopsy results which will reveal the precise cause of Winnies' untimely death, Celina and Christina eagerly anticipate finding closure amidst their profound loss.