Dog Escaped While Owner Was In Coma, Man Bursts Into Tears After Being Reunited

Bubba Nulisch discovered himself facing two heartbreaking events while undergoing treatment for a bacterial infection induced coma at the hospital: His treasured pet dog went missing and he woke up without him.

Just three weeks after regaining consciousness on April 18 following an induced coma Bubba received devastating news that startled him; someone informed him over the phone that Bullet disappeared from their shared home in Grand Prairie,Texas on May 22. This unfortunate revelation plunged Bubba into inconsolable grief.

For Bullet was not just a dog to him but his closest confidant and ally. Before their paths crossed.

Bubba had been forced to retire from his lifelong truck driving career in October 2015 due to medical conditions. Leaving him despondent.

He longed for the satisfaction of working rather than relying on government assistance.

Recognizing that life doesn't always work out as planned. During this difficult period.

Bubba found unexpected solace in the form of Bullet - a dog he adopted from someone he was temporarily staying with. Without knowing why or how it came about Bullet became inseparable from Bubba.

With unwavering loyalty and boundless affection.

Bullet aided Bubbas emotional well-being and brought immeasurable joy into his life. After being apart for so long Bubba was devastated to discover that his beloved dog.

Bullet had gone missing while he was in the hospital. Seeking assistance. He turned to Facebook and reached out in lost pet groups. Hoping that someone nearby had spotted Bullet.

Bubba expressed his despair.
Saying, "I was devastated when he disappeared.

I prayed for his safety and hoped he would be found." The absence of his loyal companion weighed heavily on him making each day difficult to face. Sharing his story on Facebook groups for lost dogs turned out to be a turning point for Bubba.

On June 4th.
Bubba received a huge relief as he learned that Bullet had been rescued and placed in foster care.

Kim Joppie, who runs a dog rescue in Dallas, Texas.

Came across Bubbas' pleas on Facebook and willingly stepped in to help reunite them.

Before this reunion could happen.

Kim made sure Bullet was neutered and microchipped.

Finally on June 13th Kim made the journey to Bubbas' rehabilitation facility with Bullet by her side.

Reflecting on the moment they were reunited.

Kim said she couldn't fully capture the pure emotion she saw on Bubbas face. Their bond was undeniably strong and truly beautiful.

Bubba shared his determination to bring Bullet back into his life once he saw him on Facebook. He declared that nothing would stop him from being reunited with his furry friend – even if it meant leaving the hospital to go straight to the shelter. Tears streaming down his face as he spoke about it Bubba revealed that during that time of desperation and prayerful hope Kim emerged as a true gem in his life.

He expressed deep gratitude towards her for going above and beyond to return Bullet to him.
This act of kindness is something Bubba will never forget. The moment I laid eyes on Bullet again, his spirited jump into my awaiting arms brought an immense sense of relief.

Words fail to describe the sheer joy that flooded over me at that instant reunion. Indisputably, Bullet has remained as my closest companion through thick and thin. Bubba graciously informed me that both he and Bullet have successfully returned home, where they happily engage in watching their treasured TV programs together.