Smart Dog Shows "Victim Face" For Pet Store Customers To Feed Him

A young Mexican lady called Ruth went to Oxxo store to get something she needed to buy directly. But after entering the store, she was scammed by a dog, who asked her for something to be fed.

A cute dog got close to her making a 'victim face' and stared at her! It was obvious that the dog was homeless as his condition was very poor. Seeing how poor the dog was, Ruth bought some food for the pup after getting what she wanted.

But the cashier told Ruth when she bought pet food, that she was the 6th victim of the week of Mariano, the dog, who is really good in making the sad face to let customers buy him some food!

The woman shared the story on TikTok to tell people what happened with her. The video went viral getting many likes, views, and comments with people applauding the cleverness of the dog and praising the kindness of her! How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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