Dog Visits Hospital To Bid Farewell To Her Dying Owner

Most people bid farewell to their dogs when they pass away. However in this case the situation was reversed.

A compassionate hospital, in California made an exception. Allowed a loyal dog to visit her owner.

One day Ryan woke up. Went to work just like any other day.

Ryan Jessen initially thought he had a migraine. Unfortunately he was actually suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage.

The brain scan revealed that the damage to his brain was extensive making it impossible for him to recover from a coma.

Meanwhile his beloved dog Mollie anxiously awaited Ryans return at home. His family didn't want Mollie to spend the rest of her life wondering why Ryan never came back, from work that day.

Michelle Jessen expressed, "The hospital showed kindness by allowing us to bring my brothers dog to 'say goodbye' so that she could understand why her human never returned home."

If you had the chance to know my brother you would understand how much he cherished his dog.

Also there is no need to worry about the future of the dog. Michelle made it clear by saying, "She is considered part of our family well."