Family Are Looking For Answers After Postal Driver Ran Over Their Dog

A dog, from South Carolina might have to undergo limb amputation after being hit by a U.S. Postal Service driver as captured by a Ring camera.

Yogi, the family pet was apparently run over when he dashed out onto the street near the Gouge residence in Walterboro. According to WCSC the driver did not. Slow down despite being familiar with the familys dogs and having interacted with them before. It seems Yogi was racing in pursuit of a treat.

While Yogi survived the accident he now requires surgery that might lead to limb amputation. If thats not possible the BluePearl Pet Hospital in Summerville has indicated that euthanasia might be necessary due to his compromised quality of life.

The animal hospital has diagnosed Yogi with a hip, a femur and lower spine, as well, as internal injuries. Paula Gouge, Yogis owner remains hopeful that despite these challenges her 8 and a half year old companion will recover and become a three miracle dog.Officer Suzi Reeves, from the Colleton County Animal Services has been in touch with Yogis family. Is handling the case.

"Gouge mentioned that Officer Reeves assured us that we haven't done anything " said Gouge. "We haven't violated any laws. There is no requirement for us to keep him on a leash."

Reeves has identified the motorist for the incident. Will issue at least two citations for improper animal care, which goes against the Colleton County Code of Ordinances. The motorist claims to have been unaware of hitting the dog.

Matthew Breen, the managing partner of Lowcountry Law, LLC states that the family has the option to sue the driver for negligence. Depending on the attorneys decision the driver could potentially face charges as hit and run.

"While it might have been necessary for them to restrain their pet " Breen explained "that doesn't justify running over it with the excuse that it was unleashed and outside, on the road."

Breen emphasizes the importance of owners being vigilant and responsible.According to Breen it's important for pet owners to take measures to ensure the safety, for their companions. In the event of an injury it is essential to have the option of seeking compensation from the party.

The Walterboro Postal Service has chosen not to provide a comment at this time due, to an investigation. The Southern Area Corporate Communications department of the United States Postal Service has stated that they are currently reviewing the video footage and gathering details regarding the incident.