Video: During Car Crash In Conroe, A Dog Was Thrown Out Of An SUV.

The dog was thrown from the SUV after its owner veered off to the side of the road and slammed into a stalled trailer.

The Caney Creek Volunteer Fire Department is looking for a dog that was ejected from a SUV during a crash in Conroe.

This happened on July 1, right next to the fire station on FM 2090.

Officials said a man was driving a Chevy Tahoe when he veered off the road and hit the back of a stalled trailer. It wasn't until firefighters looked at surveillance video that they realized a dog was in the Tahoe and was thrown from the SUV.

In the video, you see the Tahoe slam into the trailer, causing it to lift up on its two front tires before bouncing back to the ground. In a cloud of dust, you see a dog thrown from the Tahoe. It appears to land on its back before it quickly got up and ran away.

Caney Creek firefighters said they have been putting out food and water for the dog, but haven't seen it. They also said they haven't been able to talk to the dog's owner or family yet, so they don't know what kind of dog it was or its name.

The man driving the Tahoe was hurt -- suffered a broken leg among other injuries -- but he is expected to be OK.

Watch surveillance video of the crash below: