Cruel Dog Owner Caught Throwing Puppy From Car Across The Road

Once again. An individual known for their cruel treatment of animals has been captured on camera engaging in disturbing acts of violence towards innocent creatures.

This time around shocking footage depicts them coldheartedly flinging a small dog out of a car causing it to skid across the road in a dangerous manner.

Additionally the same person is seen callously throwing a French Bulldog across the street after forcefully grasping it by the scruff of its neck and violently propelling it away.

The sheer terror experienced by the dog is captured on film as it falls onto its back and immediately rights itself onto its front.

Sliding along the pavement in fear. Without showing any regard for the dogs' wellbeing.

The individual tosses them out of a friends car.

Exchanges gestures with the driver. And indifferently heads inside a nearby house.

This indifferent behavior leaves the anxious dog stranded on one side of the road until finally being summoned over.

Both incidents are currently under investigation by RSPCA with strong evidence suggesting that these videos involve one and the same person—an individual who has developed a reputation for mistreating animals.

It is believed that this latest video was filmed in May.

Several weeks preceding their assault on an XL Bully pup as seen in another recorded incident. Both occurrences took place in Stoke on Trent within Staffordshire county.

A source who submitted the second video clip to MailOnline confirms that "It is beyond doubt that this is indeed one person responsible for both attacks captured on film." This despicable individual has gained notoriety for their consistent mistreatment of animals.

The newly surfaced video appears to have been recorded prior to their assault on an XL Bully pup and shows them opening up a car door before abruptly flinging what appears to be a young French Bulldog approximately two or three feet into mid air and acrossed roads." Although we cannot definitively ascertain the extent of injuries sustained by this dog due to such abuse their reaction adequately reflects clear signs of immense terror.

Standing motionless on one side of the road while waiting patiently only further highlights their fearful and apprehensive nature However disheartening it may be that an individual could carry out such a deplorable act it is evident that the consequences mean nothing to him. Prior to entering his abode.

He shares a seemingly friendly wave with his companion.

Showcasing a complete absence of sympathy or concern for the innocent puppys welfare.

The police officer spoke of a previous incident involving the same man captured on a doorbell camera, wherein he subjected an XL Bully dog to similar mistreatment. It becomes undeniably clear that no dog is safe in his presence.
In footage recently released by MailOnline, an anonymous man can be observed forcefully dragging a small dog along while tethered by a leash.

When the animal displays reluctance to cooperate he resorts to kneeling and angrily shouting, "Come on no come here.


The situation escalates as this brute strikes the helpless puppy five times in frustration before demanding that it "Move!" The distressing video from last Friday captures the poor creature sobbing and moaning in pain.

Lasting only 23 seconds. It concludes with the man reappearing later on accompanied by another canine companion heading in opposite directions. His offensive tirade can be both seen and heard as he callously declares "I don't want it no want it no more he can f**k off. "

A concerned member of society who came across this horrific scene took to social media expressing their indignation and urging for public identification and preventative action against the man owning any more dogs. They wrote, "NAME & SHAME and get him stopped from owning dogs; if he is capable of such cruelty openly in broad daylight one shudders to think what transpires behind closed doors. "

Considering his own statement of not wanting the puppy. It can be said with certainty that the feeling is reciprocated. Local resident Charlotte Percy described him aptly as despicable while Carl Headland further questioned why someone who harbors such disdain for animals would even choose to have them in their company. He expressed sympathy by saying "The poor baby."

Current understanding suggests that arrangements have been made to return the XL bully back to its breeder who then ensured its safety at a secure location. Due to wide circulation on various internet platforms of a video related to this incident and capturing public attention even more so now; RSCPA has made an appeal to the public to help identify the individual responsible. To address these grave concerns, a representative from the RSPCA released a statement confirming they are fully aware of the situation and currently investigating it further.