While Rescuing A Dog Who Was Tossed Out Of Car, They Encounter With A Sick Kitten

Hope For Paws rescuers headed to the spot where someone had thrown a dog out of a car. On their way Alex noticed a motionless kitten lying beneath a vehicle while scanning the area. 

Since it was still breathing they proceeded with the rescue mission. A mechanic had kept the dog safe until their arrival. She appeared a bit worse for wear...

It was time to take both animals back, to the animal hospital for baths and checkups. Fern, the cat had issues and required removal of a polyp to help her breathe freely once again. Templeton, the dog had a recovery period. Quickly found his forever home! The story of these two getting another chance at life is forever intertwined. Templeton and Fern may not realize it. They are the reason why they are both, in their current situations today! 🙂