Bachelor Party Ends Up Saving Dog Buried Up To the Neck In Mud Along Minnesota Riverbank

This weekend a group of friends had a problem during a bachelor party, in Minnesota.

While Mitch White and his companions were enjoying a canoeing trip on the Minnesota River near Carver they heard a yelp that caught their attention.

To their surprise they discovered a St. Bernard stuck in mud just a few feet away, from the water. The dog was buried up to its collar.

"We were trying to figure out what to do in that moment. I mean, seriously my fiancée Kelly probably wouldn't marry me if we left the dog behind!" White shared.

They used their oars as shovels. Worked tirelessly for at least thirty minutes to free the trapped canine.

"The dog didn't seem to have any strength left so we made sure to feed him and give him water " White explained.

Eventually they reached out to emergency personnel, who helped reunite the dog, named Ed with his owner George Niskanen.

Niskanen mentioned that Ed had a tendency to wander off occasionally but always found his way

According to Niskanen Ed had been missing for a day when the Carver County Sheriffs Office contacted him about the situation that his beloved pet was in."Big thanks, to the Carver County Sheriffs Department and the Carver Fire Department for their help in getting him up the hill. It's a relief to see him to his self."

Niskanen believes that everyone who attended the bachelor party deserves recognition, for their efforts.

Niskanen mentioned, "I really want to know their names so I can personally thank them with a card."

According to Niskanen, when Ed initially returned home he couldn't walk. Now hes eating and drinking well and gradually gaining his strength back.