Stray Dog Saves Few Hours Old Baby Girl Abandoned To Die In Trash Garbage Bag

In an incident that took place in Tripoli, Lebanon a stray dog emerged as a hero by saving the life of a girl who had been left to perish in a trash bag.

It all began when witnesses noticed the dog carrying a garbage bag in its mouth. The sound of an infant crying caught their attention and to their astonishment they discovered that the bag contained a baby girl who was a few hours old.

The baby was immediately taken to the hospital in "stable" condition, with injuries. Authorities are currently investigating the matter although it remains unclear who abandoned the child. Speculation suggests that someone deliberately left the baby in an area known for its dogs hoping that they would harm her. However it was this dog that turned out to be more compassionate than those responsible, for her abandonment.

Tripoli journalist Ghassan Rifi expressed his outrage at this disturbing case. Emphasized that parents usually choose to leave their children at orphanages or police stations if they cannot care for them. He regarded this incident as distressing because it involved abandoning an infant in a neighborhood during nighttime.

"The local authorities have made attempts to harm these dogs but organizations dedicated to animal welfare stood up against it and demanded their protection " he mentioned.

Once the baby recovers she will likely be placed in an orphanage if no one comes forward to adopt her. However according to the New York Post there has been a number of people expressing their interest in adopting her through platforms.

What happened to the dog remains unclear. It seems that he was not rescued. Nevertheless it is evident that he played a role, in saving this infants life.

It is truly shocking and heart wrenching that someone would abandon their child like this. Nonetheless we find solace in knowing that this precious baby is now thanks, to the intervention of this dog!