Terrified And Completely Shut Down Puppy After Being Returned To Shelter By Foster Home

In Houston, Texas at the BARC Animal Shelter there's a growing concern, about restoring the faith of an 11 month puppy in humans. Recently Scarletts foster parents rescued her. They've realized they don't have the skills to help a dog as fearful and withdrawn as she is.

Scarlett arrived at the shelter on May 10 2023 as a pup. Shes described as a mix of Labrador retriever and weighs around 45 pounds. Initially she retreated to a corner of the shelter refused any incentives offered to her and trembled whenever someone approached.

On May 15th Scarlet was slated for euthanasia. Was fortunately saved by a caring BARC foster in time.

Scarlett bears no fault; she couldn't have anticipated that everyone would be on their behavior now. We urgently need a parent who can provide care for animals like Scarlet.

Please spread the word about her situation, amongst your social media connections, family members, close friends and reputable rescue agencies. By sharing this information we can save lives.