Diver Shoves Her Hand Inside Shark's Mouth To Remove A Stuck Hook

Many people just dream about saving animals as it makes them feel happy. Anyway, it is not an easy job as you do not know what would any animal do in such situations. But the hero of this story is used to saving sea animals for so long.

Cristina Zenato, a diver, has a great experience in saving animals as they trust her just like she does. In one of her latest dives, she saw a shark struggling in pain due to a hook stuck in its mouth, so, she was able to pull the hook off!

That's not the end, the shark comes to greet her every time she dives into the ocean. However, it seems like the shark told the other sharks about Zenato as any shark has a hook stuck in its mouth would come to her to save them! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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