Owner Frustrated By Officer Who Smashes Car's Windows To Rescue Dog From Hot Car

Plymouth police officers stumbled upon a dog trapped inside a sweltering car. The panting furry friend had been enduring the stifling heat, for a two hours with no sign of the owner, in sight. Without hesitation the officer took action. Shattered the window to rescue the dog ensuring its safety.

While the grateful dog rejoiced in its security the owner was understandably dismayed to discover their vehicles window shattered into pieces. However an understanding officer explained that such measures were necessary as they genuinely feared for the dogs well being.

Subsequently they entrusted the pup to the hands of RSPCA. Arranged for it to undergo thorough examination by a veterinarian. It is crucial to note that individuals who leave their dogs confined within scorching cars can face charges of animal cruelty and even risk having their pets taken away after repeated incidents.