Kayakers Find Floating Potato Bag In River And Could Hear A Whimpering They Couldn't Ignore

It's truly incredible that these kayakers happened to be, in an area of the Blackstone River in Massachusetts.

While floating along they noticed a bag that appeared to be filled with potatoes casually drifting in the water. Did they know, something unexpected was about to unfold.

As they approached the sack they heard faint sounds emanating from within. Curiosity piqued they decided to retrieve it from the river.

To their astonishment when they untied the bag they discovered six puppies nestled inside. Miraculously all of them were alive and well.

Filled with compassion and urgency the kayakers wasted no time rescuing the pups and promptly alerted the authorities as reported by CBS.

Uxbridge Police Department Chief Jeffrey Lourie expressed his gratitude for what he considered a intervention; "In my role as a police chief I believe those kayakers had guardian angels watching over them " he stated emphatically. He further emphasized that had it not been for their discovery these helpless creatures would have tragically perished underwater.

According to estimations from experts these adorable puppies are believed to be seven days old.

Law enforcement officers are now actively searching for the heartless individual responsible for this act of cruelty. The department posted on Facebook expressing their determination; "We are committed, to bringing this low life person to justice." Chief Lourie strongly asserted his desire to see charges pressed against the suspect on six counts of animal cruelty—an offense he finds unacceptable.

As of now Uxbridge Animal Control has taken custody of these pups—ensuring that they receive care and attention during this difficult time—added Chief Lourie.

I'm truly appalled by acts of animal cruelty.
It's really sad. Luckily there was someone looking out for them. Now they're, in hands.

Please spread this story to all the animal lovers you know. Help them find a loving home.