Stray Dog With Tumors On The Verge Of Death, Then Animal Lover Proves That Angels Exist.

This story speaks about a poor dog, who had tens of cancerous tumors all over his body and was left to die in the streets of Mexico City. The dog was seen by an animal lover in February 2015, and decided to help him.

The woman, who found the dog, said that the dog was almost giving up as his wounds were a lot and open. So, without hesitation she decided to try to save him by taking him to animal rights activist called Dalia Gamez for help. Dalia, directly took the dog, who was named Bobby, in hopes she could save his life. Dalia directly took the dog to a vet clinic to be treated.

They found that he needed direct chemotherapy to combat his cancerous tumors. The only fear was that the body of the dog, who was 2 years old, couldn't cope with the treatment. However, they decided that they should take the risk to save the dog's life, so, he underwent 8 chemotherapy treatments in 8 weeks.

Dalia said that no one was certain whether the dog would survive. She also shared his story online to let people pray for him.

Thankfully, his treatment went very well and he started to get his strength back again. He also returned to a healthy weight and his fur was growing back very fast.

What made things even better Dalia decided to adopt Bobby and they are now having a very great life together. What a happy ending!

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