Woman Threw Her Puppy From Moving Car, Then Reported Her Beagle Is Lost

The Norwalk Police Department started an investigation about an animal cruelty by a 56-year-old woman from Norwalk, Connecticut, called Helen Skulski. It has been reported that Skulski’s 1-year-old dog was thrown from her moving car!

A kind witness saw that and directly took the dog to a veterinary hospital to be examined and cared for. Thankfully, the dog was just frightened with no physical injuries. So, the dog was then taken by Animal Control to take care of her. But Skulski reported later the same day that she has lost her dog. That’s when the dog was returned to her, as the investigation continued.

However, after the investigation was done. The police knew that Skulski was the one who threw the dog from the car. She was charged with cruelty to animals, prevented from owning animals, and a $25,000 bond. She was ordered to surrender the dog and a cat she had.

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