Woman Stunned When Encounters With Mom And Her Baby Crossing Her Path

Lucinda Slee and her family recently had a stroll, along a bush trail in Byron Bay, Australia. During their walk they spotted a creature slowly making its way through the dirt. Intrigued Slee and her mother decided to approach it. To their delight they discovered that there were actually two visitors. A mother koala with her baby clinging onto her back.

While koalas are commonly found in this area they typically shy away from presence. Seeing this koala family close left Slee feeling amazed.

"My mom and I felt incredibly fortunate to have such an encounter with these two koalas getting to see the baby " shared Slee with The Dodo. "It was truly a moment!"

Mother koalas share a bond with their offspring. After being born baby koalas spend around six months nestled inside their mothers pouch before venturing out into the world. Over the following 12 to 18 months mothers play a role in nurturing and guiding their ones teaching them valuable lessons such as what foods to eat.

"In the beginning the joey always stays in contact, with its mother. Either riding on her back or sometimes resting on her belly " explained Linda Sparrow, president of Bangalow Koalas as told to The Dodo.
"Koalas are known for being mothers. Will react swiftly if a baby koala emits distress signals."

Currently koalas, like this mother and her joey are facing endangerment in regions of Australia under the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act. By sharing stories like this one Sparrow hopes to inspire people to contribute to the conservation of these creatures.

Sparrow emphasized the need for protections stating that east coast koalas are in danger of disappearing entirely.

Undoubtedly this encounter has left a lasting impact on Slee and her family. They will surely cherish this moment for years to come.

"I wish my two year old daughter was, with me because she adores koalas " Slee expressed. "She keeps asking me to replay the video "