Woman Spots Abandoned Dog In The Rain Waiting For His Family To Come Back

Angela Simmons found a dog tied near a sofa in South Carolina, US, on the side of a road. It was raining, so Angela directly took the dog to a rescue organization to be cared of.

After putting the pup in her car, she noticed that his paws and nose were sore as he was left outside for so long, which meant that he needed an immediate care. Angela was then able to take the dog to a rescue organization called the Auction For A Kaws, that is dedicated to protecting and saving rescued animals.

Thankfully, they took the pup, that was named Murphy, in and took care of him. They also found a foster home for him where he can spend the life he deserves by having walks, rides in the vehicle, sleeping in a warm bed, and having warm bath.

The fosterer found that Murphy is so friendly and his personality is very great. He will surely find a forever home as he is a good boy. Watch the video below.

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