Woman Saves Injured Fox Cub From Hole, Unaware It Will Become Member of Her Tribe

A fox named Sunny who had narrowly escaped extinction. Now he found himself in the loving care of a family that adored him and provided him with a home. This is the heartwarming story of Sunny the fox who was rescued.

Sunny was found alone and, on the brink of death in a burrow. He had suffered from neck wounds that would have proven fatal if not for the intervention of a woman who came to his rescue.

How did Sunny end up all by himself in that hole? One might wonder if there should have been foxes

Well it turns out that there used to be foxes, including Sunnys family. However tragically local farmers considered them to be nuisances. Took measures to protect their crops. In doing they eliminated Sunnys family.

For him Ksenia, Sunnys motherly savior, stepped in. Took him to a nearby veterinarian. Given his condition and evident lameness she wasn't sure what his future held. She had reservations, about getting too attached to such a creature.

However destiny seemed to have plans as she couldn't help but pour her love into saving his life.. So it was that Sunny became part of her household where he met her beloved animals.

Sunny had a puppy and several cats to keep her company. Her bond, with Nick, her dog was exceptional.

Sunny and Nick truly enjoyed each others companionship. Despite belonging to branches of the canine family tree they got along as if they were siblings.

They would often play together. Hang out in spots around their owners house.

Even their owner believes that they are inseparable.

The. The dog share such a strong bond that they can engage in play without losing their composure. It's evident that they are friends.

-Both Sunny and Nick being canids have a shared love for digging.

Sunny is particularly skilled at hiding in crevices, which sets her apart from animals.. It's not surprising since foxes dig for survival while dogs dig for fun.

Despite behaving like a pet Ksenia has to remind herself that Sunny is actually an animal.

The fox has grown so comfortable, around her that he lets her rub his belly as if its an occurrence.

In any case it holds significance. Sunny couldn't be reintroduced into the wild regardless.His legs never fully recovered from the injuries he suffered as a cub so living with Ksenia gives him the chance of having a quality of life.

In return it seems like he is improving Ksenias quality of life well.

It doesn't seem like his legs bother him much anymore.

Sunny is happy to spend the rest of his days playing with Nick rolling around on Ksenias bed and sleeping next, to his dog friend.

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