Woman Finds Her Missing Cat After Two Years, Listed on Shelter’s Facebook Page

When Jimmy, a cat, went missing, her owner, Sue Zelitsky and her husband searched so well to find him, but no avail, they wished that the cat would find his way back to their home, but they finally had given up hope.

The 13-year-old cat used to go outside to play, and he always came back. But, one day, Jimmy didn’t return! The family tried their best to find the missing cat, but they did not manage to find him. After about 30 months, Jimmy’s mom was browsing a Facebook page for a shelter, to find a cat is available for adoption. Zelitsky directly called West Milford Animal Shelter as the cat looked like Jimmy.

So, Jimmy’s mom packed somethings that he’d recognize, and went to meet him with her neighbor. Thankfully, they finally reunited, and Jimmy came back to his home again to play with the family dog.

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