Woman Was Not Able To Get Her Dog On Plane - So She Just Abandoned It At Airport

It's always so heartbreaking when a dog is left behind and abandoned. It's truly heartless how some pet owners can just discard their companions as if they hold no value all.

Recently there was an incident, at the airport where a dog was purposely abandoned by its owner just to catch a flight. The unfortunate incident took place at Pittsburgh International Airport, where a 7 year old French Bulldog was discovered in a stroller. 

Officers from the Allegheny County Police Department promptly arrived on the scene. Tried to contact the dogs owner through its microchip. Unfortunately their attempts were unsuccessful.

It soon became evident that this abandonment was intentional. Investigators discovered that the owner had been informed earlier that her dog couldn't travel with her without being in a crate. According to Insider despite the owner claiming that the dog served as her support animal airport employees remained unconvinced.

Furthermore investigators stated that there was no emergency situation involved and that the woman was traveling to what seemed like a vacation destination.

"We were able to ascertain that in the day the dogs owner attempted to fly with it but was denied boarding due to not having a container for cargo " explained Sgt. Jason Donaldson of Allegheny County police in an interview, with WTAE. "As a result she chose to abandon her companion. Continued on her planned trip."

It's hard to believe that someone would make the decision to leave their dog behind like that. Stories, like these are unfortunately quite common. There have been instances where dogs have been abandoned at airports by their owners.

The county police reached out to the state dog warden in order to safely take custody of the dog as stated in a Facebook post by Allegheny Police. Luckily reports suggest that the dog is in health and has now been placed under the care of Animal Friends. Unfortunately there are no details regarding the current status of the dog.

Animal Friends released a statement through CBS News mentioning that they cannot comment on details or provide information about the dogs health due to an investigation. They stated that their Humane Society Police Officers are actively looking into the case and considering charges.

Until this matter is resolved Animal Friends will continue to provide treatment and supportive care for the dog while it remains in their custody.

According to law enforcement officials it is anticipated that charges for animal abandonment will be filed against the owner by Pennsylvanias state dog warden. In accordance with state laws abandoning a dog is considered an act of animal cruelty. 

Can result in fines, up to $1,000.

The story has really grabbed peoples attention on the internet. Many are showing their sympathy for the dog while also condemning its previous owner. Some individuals have even shown interest, in providing a home for the dog.

"I believe it would be best for the dog to find an owner " one commentator expressed. "Such a sad situation for this creature."

It's genuinely heartbreaking to think that someone could abandon their dog in such a manner. We sincerely hope that this adorable dog will soon find a chance at happiness while its former owner faces consequences.

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