Wild Seal Is Absolutely Obsessed With Everyone At The Beach

A wild seal called Sammy is totally obsessed with anyone at the beach as he always tries to get on their back while swimming, or onto their kayak or surf board.

When Will Badman heard about the seal, he drove to Weymouth Beach in Dorset, United Kingdom, looking for the seal to meet him.

The seal, who has been at the beach for more than 2 months, appeared on the beach for the first time throughout the peak of quarantine as he found it the best places to rest and fish as most people were quarantined.

However, when the waether got warmer and the people sarted heading to the beach, Sammy did not find it bothering as he even sarted making friends.

Badman knew that Sammy loves cameras, so, he grabbed a camera with a lengthy lens to be able to take some photos of him without getting so close. But the seal was smart enough to recognize that he was being the center of the attention and started hiding from the camera!

He even sruck his tongue out, smiled, and swung to the camera! How hilarious!

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