Wild Deer Seen Wandering Into A Store, Later Returns Back With Her Kids

It's not uncommon to come across wildlife, near the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park, a getaway located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado. However Lori Jones had an experience when a deer unexpectedly wandered into the gift shop where she works.

The wild doe casually entered through the door. Paused for a moment curiously inspecting the sunglasses and chips on display. Lori couldn't. Find it amusing! Eventually she guided the deer outside with a peanut bar thinking that would be the end of it.. Then...

Around 30 minutes later the mother deer returned accompanied by her three kids! They patiently waited at the entrance as Mom introduced them. 😉

Considering that they are animals Lori didn't allow them to linger for long. She enticed them all outside with another peanut bar. Usually she has a policy against feeding wildlife. Believed this was a circumstance.

What an extraordinary encounter, for Lori Jones! It's an experience she will surely cherish forever.