Visitors Think That This Sun Bear Is A Human In A Costume And Zoo Denies It

If you visit the zoo you'll get to see all sorts of unique animals. But there's something happening at a zoo, with their sun bears. People are speculating that they might actually be humans in disguise.

A video of a black sun bear from Hangzhou Zoo in Eastern China went viral worldwide after it was shared on the social networking site Weibo. Some viewers with their conspiracy theories in mind were convinced that it wasn't a bear but someone dressed up as one.

In the video the bear does have some traits; its upright posture and loose fur on its back do give it an appearance, to a human wearing a costume.

Could it be possible that the zoo substituted one of their animals with a person pretending to be a bear? In a world where people spend thousands of dollars to transform into border collies anything seems possible!

However according to the zoos response addressing these claims they assure everyone that Angela, the sun bear in question is indeed a regular sun bear.According to a report, from CNN the zoo shared Angelas perspective mentioning that they received a call from the zoo director after work. The director asked if Angela had skipped work that day and found someone to take her place.

"Just to clarify I want everyone to know that I am a sun bear, not a bear or a dog. I am specifically a sun bear!"

The zoo also explained that the skepticism surrounding Angela likely arises from the publics misconceptions about sun bears, which happen to be the species of bears.

As reported by The Guardian the zoo expressed, "When you think of bears you usually imagine their size and incredible strength." "However it's important to note that not all bears are enormous and dangerous. We Malayan bears actually hold the title for being the bears on Earth."

Due to deforestation and illegal hunting activities Malayan sun bears are categorized as a species of concern. Their population has sadly declined by 35% over the three decades.

CNN mentioned wildlife biologist Wong Siew Te as he shared his thoughts, on sun bears. Te is the founder of Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) who emphasized how often people tend to forget about these creatures.

"Most species of bears have the ability to stand on their hind legs. Sun bears specifically do so to explore their surroundings and reach places. It's quite fascinating to see female sun bears holding their cubs with both paws and walking on their hind legs resembling human behavior. This might explain why people often mistake them for humans."

Moreover he mentioned that even though sun bears are typically described as "plump and round " their skin can become looser when they face food scarcity.

If you still find it hard to believe that it's actually a sun bear and not a human, in a costume a spokesperson from the zoo has debunked rumors by highlighting how unbearable it would be, for a person wearing a giant fur suit under the scorching summer heat as reported by the Shanghai Daily.

This captivating tale has intrigued people worldwide shedding light on the status of sun bears and emphasizing the importance of protecting them.