Unwanted Pit Bull Couldn't Be Adopted, Then 'Dog-Lover' Decides To Take Action

It is known that Sioux City is one of many other US cities that had a strict ban on owning Pit Bulls. This means that many Pit Bulls are staying in the shelters without getting adopted as they put them in the back as no one is allowed to adopt them.

One pit bull called Angel was labeled as aggressive as she would also growl when people got close and had a habit of showing her teeth. No volunteer had the courage to take her out of her kennel, but one volunteer was able to do that.

The volunteer from Karma rescue knew that she would likely be put down in a few days so she decided to help her. She called one of her friends to come to see Angel. When her friend came, he asked to take her out to see her behaviors, that's when she rolled on the ground of the yard. It was obvious that she wasn't aggressive at all!

The volunteer decided to help the dog but she knew that she wasn't able to adopt her due to the laws in the city. So, she took her out saying that she wanted to spend some time with her before taking her to be euthanized to the vet.

Seeing that she is so adorable, she decided to text Hug Hearts in L.A., for help and they call her back. So she was able to explain to them the situation of Angel and that was the great news for the rescuer as they told her that they would take Angel in.

Thankfully, Angel is now spending a great time in the shelter in Los Angeles and she will be available for adoption soon. How adorable!

Watch the video below.

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