Two Rottweilers Saves Family Horse In The Middle Of The Night From A Group Of Men.

The use of Rottweilers as security dogs has a history spanning generations. This is primarily due, to their nature. Back when the Roman emperors held power these dogs were employed to protect wealth and cattle herds. Long as they receive training and socialization Rottweilers are versatile and well suited for various tasks.

In todays world they are choices as guard dogs for households. Brenna Kramer, an animal enthusiast residing in Zephyrhills, Florida shares her home with two Rottweiler dogs and a barn.

 She acquired these dogs not for her safety but also to ensure the welfare of her horses whom she deeply adored. Little did she know that one day these very dogs would play a role in saving the lives of her equines.

One night something unexpected happened. While Brenna was fast asleep her vigilant canines began barking persistently from, inside the house. Sensing trouble outdoors she immediately went outside to investigate the commotion. Her first priority was checking on her horses.

To her astonishment she discovered that someone had tampered with the stables power supply before attempting to steal the horses. One of the horses had a rope tied around its neckโ€”an indication of playโ€”and it was evident that others were targeted as well.

However the two brave dogs would have run away quickly if they hadn't been so fearless. In their attempt to protect the horses one rottweiler even ended up with two injuries, to its head. Such incidents are quite common, in California, where horses can fetch prices when sold. Thankfully the courage of these two dogs ensured that her horses were rescued.