Train Driver Stops The Train, Steps Out To Save Stuck Turtle On Train Tracks

Sometimes animals find themselves in situations where they shouldn't be and they rely on the kindness of humans to help them out of trouble.

It warms our hearts to witness people going above and beyond to assist a creature in need. This heartwarming incident occurred recently when a man halted a train to rescue a turtle.

Serhat Topal, a streetcar driver, from Turkey was following his route when he noticed something on the tracks—a turtle.

"There was this turtle attempting to cross the tracks towards the countryside but it got stuck " shared Serhat with The Dodo. "I believe it was frightened."

In an act of compassion Serhat made the decision to stop the train, disembark and go out of his way to assist the stranded turtle.

He carefully lifted the reptile off the tracks preventing any harm from approaching trains. After ensuring its safety by lifting it over a fence Serhat watched as the turtle happily continued its journey.

Doing what was right came naturally to him; however as anyone who has experienced train commutes can attest unexpected delays are not always met with appreciation, from passengers.
We really appreciate this. 

Person who went above and beyond to assist the turtle! We completely agree that it is our responsibility to take care of our animal friends in the world. Lets spread the word, about this uplifting story!