Toddler Girl Shares A Bond With Her Disabled Dog That Is Being Recognized Worldwide

The video below speaks about a Great Dane called Echo, who was about to be euthanized as she is deaf and blind.

Thankfully, she was rescued by Marion Dwyer, who took her to the Niagara Falls in NY. Something really special happened when Marion became pregnant. It was obvious that the Great Dane knew that what was inside Marion’s belly was her future companion.

When Jennie, the little girl, was born, the Great Dane took to her immediately. Jennie and Echo were inseparable and did everything together like playing, snuggling, and eating. Jennie always insists on holding the leash when they go on walks. There was a nice video that went viral of Jennie walking Echo.

As the little girl does not speak yet and the dog is deaf, their friendship is simply based. They trust each other so well; you can see this in what they do.

Watch the video below.

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