Tiny Kitten Melts Hearts Of Millions While She Nibbles Her Dad's Ear

Pinky, a cute kitten, has melted millions of hearts after nibbling on a man’s ears. The cat was looking for milk but she was just in the wrong place.

The 1-month-old kitten, who has an orange fur and bright, blue eyes, was smaller than the man's head. She used her microscopic paws to knead on his ear, while trying to suckle it lightly.

Kneading is a habit kittens carry with them for their whole life, and they do it to stimulate their mamas' milk. The man did not move an inch as he was just enjoying the way Pinky pressing her paws against him.

The incident was being recorded by another person who started laughing at the cuteness. When Pinky did not get the milk she wanted, she got down and went to clean her own paws.

It was obvious that the kitten has a great with her owner and feels safe according to her behavior. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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