Terrified Homeless Bulldog Saved By Two Woman And Has Been Given A New Life

Hope for Paws, a rescue organization that is based in Los Angeles, was called to save a malnourished terrified dog who could not even move. 2 women went to the scene to help the dog, and they knew that they need gently touch and patience and help terrified, homeless and malnourished pets.

It was obvious that the dog, who is called Tarzan has had bad interactions with humans. When the women saw the dog, they sat for hours quietly and calmly beside him while giving him some food.

The heartbreaking thing was that he was not even able to reach the meal! So, they helped him to eat, which surely gave him some strength.

By the help of the rescuers, Tarzan was able to crawled out of his hiding place in a thicket by a motorway to go through his journey of surviving. It was obvious that Tarzan was almost dehydrated as he drank for a long time from a nearby pool of water.

The rescuers then took him to their car and directly headed to the vet clinic where he was given the attention and care he needed to be recovered. Thankfully, he is now completely healed and waiting for his forever home. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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