Stray Trapped In Fence Sheds Tears Begging For Help, But Locals Can't Move Her Body

We all know that what stray dogs want are sanctuary, water, and food. You may think that these are easy things to find, but stray dogs struggle while searching for them, and this story is an example of so many.

A poor dog got trapped in between fence while trying to search for something to eat! It was obvious that the dog had spent many hours entangled as she was so tired from trying to free herself when she was seen!

Thankfully, people came up to help the dog, and they even a local rescuer to come! However, the rescuer did not arrive, so, the people decided to do whatever they could to free the dog.

Fortunately, they were able to free her after a great effort! They then took her to the veterinary clinic, where she was given iron infusions, antibiotics and 6 IV fluid bags!

She was then taken to a foster home, where she continued her healing. She will be available for adoption when she is completely healed. Watch the video below.

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