Stray Puppy With Broken-Skull Surprises Vets When Wakes Up Ready A New Life

A 4-week-old dog, who was suffering from fractured skull that caused severe discomfort and swelling, was found crying in the grass all alone. She could just let out little whimpers.

The dog was so happy to be picked up as she knew that she was taken to receive help. Unfortunately, the only thing she got to know was being abused and abandoned.

The vets took the pup, who was named Nuan, to the clinic to treat her. She was directly given pain medication and IV fluids, and her wound was bandaged up. Thankfully, the dog started getting better and his wound in the head began to heal.

Unfortunately, her legs weren’t responding, but the rescuers were doing their best to let her stand by herself.

The rescuers expected Nuan to make a full recovery as she is so brave. Thankfully, she is now doing great, playing, and running the way she deserves. She can also go to a forever home as she is completely recovered.

Watch the video below.

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