Stray Puppies Move From Suffering In The Cold In The Streets To Enjoying Warm At Home

Two small puppy brothers were huddled together on the sidewalk of a street, in Palmdale, a city in Los Angeles County, California. It seemed like they were hoping that someone would notice them and offer help as they had been living on the streets at risk of being run over.

A compassionate woman noticed the puppies when they tried to cross the road and immediately rushed to their rescue. She quickly contacted MaeDay Rescue, a rescue service and help was on its way to save these young four legged creatures.

The hungry pups happily cooperated with their rescuers. Soon found themselves comfortably settled in the seat of a car ready to be taken to safety where they could recover.

"They were both very submissive which made it easy for us to pick them up " shared a representative from MaeDay Rescue with The Dodo. "You could tell they were scared but knew that they would be safe in the car " he added. Out of harms way Kona and Oscar (the names given to these puppies) were able to fully relax, allowing their unique personalities to shine through.

"Kona was a bit more calm and even gave us kisses " mentioned the representative, from the rescue service."Oscar, the mischievous pup was always, up to something " he explained. ". Both of them are incredibly adorable and intelligent!" he added enthusiastically.

After their ordeal the puppies recovered quickly. Returned to their selves making them perfect candidates for adoption. All they needed was a loving family to call their own.

Kona was the one to find her home. "This sweet girl will never be abandoned again " the rescue service shared on Instagram. "Her new family adores her. Has already showered her with love!" they continued happily.

After Oscar also found his family. "He is absolutely smitten with his brother in his home " MaeDay Rescue announced in another Instagram post. "It's truly the place for him. We are delighted to have played a part, in his happy ending!" they expressed with joy.

Although their story began in a situation it is evident that these brothers will never have to worry about surviving again. They have gone from living on the streets to enjoying the comforts of a loving home without a doubt. Watch this heartwarming video of Oscars rescue;