Emaciated Stray Pup Screaming For Help, Found Stuck In Dog’s Water Bucket.

Stray animals in US are left to fend for themselves when the temperatures increase! One of these dogs is a little one, who found herself in a dangerous situation on the dirty, hot streets of southern Texas.

A woman went to investigate the source of the noise she heard outside her home, and was completely shocked and saddened by the poor look of the dog, who was severely dehydrated, very underweight, and covered with fleas and parasites! The worst thing was that the dog’s head was stuck in a water bucket! So, the woman directly removed the bucket and helped the dog.

She gave the dog some NutriCal and Pedialyte to get nutrition into her weak body after moving her to the shade. She then took the dog to the Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform to medicate her and take care of her. The dog, who was named Calli, is doing great at the shelter.

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