Stray Pup Is Thrown Into Pot Of Boiling Water For Begging For Food

This story speaks about a poor dog called Pepsi who was taught a very bad lesson after begging for food as a cruel man threw her into a boiling water.

It is known that stray dogs know that begging for food would give them a decent meal despite being sometimes kicked or hit but the worst thing happened with Pepsi after being thrown by a street vendor to a pot of boiling water.

Pepsi was found by a rescuer who was completely shocked as her burns were very serious. She was directly taken to a vet where she treated for her burns by giving her antibiotics and pain medication to prevent infection and covered them with frequent bandage changes.

It was obvious that Pepsi was able to know that these humans could be trusted as they wanted to help her. Thankfully, she was able to eat and left her head on her own after few days. She was then fostered as she was healthy enough to live there.

She became stronger every day, but she has to go to the vet frequently because of her injuries. Actually, she loves playing and the other dogs. The best thing was that, she got adopted by a kind family who was eager to adopt her after hearing her story. She loves her new family and can now know what love means.

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