Stray Dog Mom Rushes To Save Her Puppy From Rescuers, Now They Are At Foster Home

An abandoned Pit Bull-Dachshund mix called Oreo was fed by a local man, who also took care of her in streets! Actually, Oreo did not want to be rescued, that’s why the man did not call a rescue! But the man knew that he should call for help after seeing Cookie Monster, Oreo’s only pup.

You can see in the video below Cookie Monster darting to the busy freeway when the rescuers arrive. So, one of the rescuers uses a net and directly saves him from putting his life in danger. But when Oreo sees her puppy trapped and in the clutches of a human, she concernedly begins protesting as she isn’t happy, so, the rescuers decide to be back!

The rescuers them came up with a great idea by asking the man who’d been feeding Oreo to help them. Oreo runs towards him directly when she sees him and begs him to save her puppy. The man is able to calm Oreo down and tells her that her puppy is safe with the new humans. Furthermore, the rescuers bring Cookie Monster to Oreo to convince her that they mean well.

So, the rescuers took the 2 dogs to the shelter, where they received their medical check-ups. Then, the dogs were taken to a foster home, where they knew what lovely life means. Thankfully, Oreo and Cookie Monster is finally adopted into the same home, and they were both renamed as Lady and Reptar. What a happy ending!

Watch the video below.

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