Exhausted Stray Dog Jumps Into Strangers Car Collapses And Falls Asleep

This story shows us that life is full of surprises and this one a great surprise! A strange pup jumped into Coelho and his wife's car after they stopped to get some medicines they needed!

Coelho said that they puppy came along and entered the car when his wife opened the door. He also added that it seems like he knew us! It was obvious that the dog was stray as his smell was so bad as he was searching in the garbage and his paws were very dirty, according to Coelho.

The couple did not want to leave the poor dog, who had no badge or necklace to know if he had an owner, on the streets so he took him home and let him sleep on the sofa! The family took care of the dog until he becomes in a good health.

Then they posted some photos of him on social media to see if he had owners! Thankfully, the post was seen by his former owners who called Coelho and arranged a meeting to take the dog as they needed to drive 13 Kms. Thankfully, the dog, whose name is Thor, went back to his family again

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