Heartbreaking Stray Dog Forced To Face The Cold Outdoors In The Snowy Day

Yes animals can definitely feel the cold. The image, below serves as an example. A known hiking website recently shared a picture of a puppy shivering in the snow and it truly tugged at the heartstrings of the animal loving community.

According to reports this photo was captured by a user named Tung DQ on a Motorcycle Forum. It was taken at Mau Son (Lang Son) where there has been snowfall and cold weather. 

When faced with Mother Natures might even plants and produce are defenseless.. This poor dog is no exception. Soon as people saw this scene and heard about its plight cries for help spread rapidly.

Reports suggest that the dogs owner left it outside and didn't allow it to come inside the house. However thanks to traveler Tung Dongs efforts in pleading for mercy he eventually succeeded in capturing these images from his collection and understanding their significance. This news brought relief to online users.

"In weather conditions we can't even bear to think about dogs and cats suffering like this " commented Hoang Minhs partner. 

We should all show compassion towards those who have pets at home because they too deserve warmth and care. It's hard to comprehend why someone would let their pet endure such extreme cold, for long. Unfortunately some people possess the spirits.