This Sparrow Bird Who Thinks He's a Puppy!

He responds when called enjoys eating scraps from the table and is also a cuddler!

The day Maria discovered Happy was a miracle, in her life.

While out for a run Maria came across a baby bird pecking at the ground. The bird appeared injured and weak with bleeding on its head and a scab, on its nose that made eating challenging. In that moment Maria knew she had to bring the bird home.

Recognizing the severity of the birds injuries Maria immediately sought assistance.

She reached out to an animal rehabilitation center. Was informed that the vet needed to examine the bird. If no one adopted it euthanasia might be necessary. Without hesitation Maria rushed to the clinic and within 45 minutes decided to take him under her care

The timing of rescuing this bird seemed almost destined.

Two weeks after adopting him Maria experienced the loss of her beloved dog Moone. This happened during the peak of a pandemic. Left her devastated. However caring for this bird gave her purpose amidst grief. Through losing Moone Maria found solace in welcoming Happy into her life.

Happy had a scab on his beak when he was a bird, which caused damage, to his beak and sinuses. Since then the scab started growing leading to difficulties when eating. However he found a way around it. Now eats sideways. Interestingly his beak has a smile appearance, hence the name "Happy."

There is this theory that spending two weeks around Moone made Happy believe they have similarities. Happy imitates Marias actions like wanting to eat and drink whatever she has and flying towards her when she calls his name. He even responds to commands like "stay" and "come here " like a trained dog would!

Happy enjoys greeting people when they're around; he also tends to collect objects from the house (mostly for nest building purposes). When its time for his beak trimming he can get quite vocal in expressing his displeasure.

He exhibits empathy to dogs; he can sense when someone is sad or crying. When angry he starts yapping while flying around. When happy he chirps joyfully while fluttering about. In the morning Happy loves waking up Maria by showing off his nest building skills and sometimes even manages to put himself to sleep.

Maria regularly updates Happys followers with news, about him.
It's wonderful to see love and positivity being spread especially during these challenging times. The comments clearly show that Happys dedicated followers are grateful, for the uplifting message and how it has lifted their spirits. 

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