Neglected Dog Caged For Two Years, Get His First Spa To Wash Away His Pain

This story speaks about a tiny dog called Mimi, who had been kept in a cage for 2 long years! When Mimi’s owner was confronted by Sabine, a rescuer, he said that they did that as Mimi would get their newborn baby sick! However, she did not give up on the dog as she begged the owner for more than a month to hand Mimi over, and eventually he agreed!

Mimi was taken to have a spa day to get healthy and clean. Thankfully, she could not stop smiling as she knew that she was not forced to stay in a dirty cage anymore. To make things even better, Mimi was the adopted by Suzanne, a kind woman, to have a great forever home. What a happy ending!

Watch the video below.

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