Soldier Gives His K-9 Partner One Last Hug And Stays With Him Till The  Last Moment

Sergeant Kyle Smilth and Bodza, his German Shepherd, met each other while serving in the US Air Force. The dog became a bomb detector in 2006, and by sniffing bombs, he assisted save lives. After working together for 6 years, Smith and Bodza created a solid friendship.

So, Smith decided to adopt Bodza when it was his time to retire. Bodza continued to be loyal to Smith and his family. But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, as Bodza was diagnosed with incurable degenerative myelopathy in July, 2016.

To make things even worse, Bodza became very weak to the point that standing up was very hard for him. So, the best option, which was also the hardest one, was to put Bodza down! It was a very hard thing to do for Smith, but it had to be done!

Bodza was taken to the Ft Bliss Vet Center in El Paso, Texas, by Smith and 9 of his co-workers to be put down. Bodza was covered in a flag to be given a proper farewell! Smith said that he would never forget the loyal one in his life, and he will miss him forever!

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