Sick Pup Found Screaming, Until Man Hold Her And Put An End For Her Pain

Crying of a pup, who was covered in fleas and ticks, was heard as it needed a proper care. Fortunately, the help arrived so quickly, but the rescuers were completely heartbroken after seeing the dog in a horrific infestation.

They then knew that the dog was dumped a cruel heartless woman! So, the rescuers directly took the dog, that was named Balloon, to the vet, where she was treated for malnourishment and  anemia.

She directly turned around after lots of affection, rest, and proper medical care. Thankfully, she made a beautiful transformation due to the proper medical care. The best thing was that she also went to a foster home where she can play happily just like a cute pup.

Actually, a cute dog like Balloon did not need a lot of time to find a forever home as she was also adopted by a great woman. She can now play, eat, and walk around with her mama, who really adores her. What a happy ending!

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