Sick Dog Is Too Week To Sit, Given Final Ride Around Town, Shows Miraculous Recovery

When Joey Maxwell and his partner first encountered Maverick they found him at a rescue center, emaciated and frail. They decided to adopt him. Maverick became a part of their family bringing them six years of joy.

However a while ago Maverick was diagnosed with cancer. Determined to support their companion, in his battle against the disease Maxwell spared no effort. The initial round of chemotherapy showed results. Unfortunately the illness resurfaced two months ago rendering Maverick to walk.

In an attempt to make Mavericks remaining days as joyful as possible Maxwell made the decision to take him on cart rides. Little did they know that this simple act would have an impact on Mavericks well being.

"When we take him out on these rides " shared Maxwell with CBS News "he barks at everyone who passes by until they shower him with affection because he believes that the whole world exists solely for the purpose of loving him."

Maybe he's right. The overwhelming outpouring of love and support that Maxwell and his furry companion receive is truly unimaginable. As a testament to this bond between humans and animals after sharing their story Maxwell received a 50% discount at Lowes where both he and the cashier were moved to tears. People, in their community now celebrate Maverick. Approach him just to show their love.

Mav really adores those elevators.. Perhaps that's why the doggy is becoming stronger each day.

"We're, in a position because we understand how much Mav means to many other people now and we can feel that love in return."

The counterculturist is now feeling the vibes as he becomes capable of sitting on his own and grows stronger, with each passing day!